04/12/22 | Denise Waddell

Melts in the rain

When is not raining they’re great. Unfortunately they just turn to mush in the rain and cause a mess.


Almost half in pieces

These are very crumbly and therefore fall apart easily. Opened box to find that about a third of the balls weren't balls anymore and instead were in small pieces at the bottom. Won't be buying again.


birds love these

there are very good fat balls and the birds demolish them

06/17/21 | Deanne Warren

Net V No Net

After reading the reviews were some said without nets some were smashed on delivery. I decided to get them in nets, all were in one piece but the net was not sealed enough to hang on a hook without breaking, so my partner take the net off. as he lifted the net of the ball the ball exploded and the whole kitchen fall was covered, learned to leave the net on. All birds loved them will get again .


Fat balls

The birds do not touch these. Have left some in nets, some out but not eaten. First time I have used these but will have to go back to usual brand this Winter.

10/24/20 | Henny

No nets! Well done!

Happy to see they now have them without netting. This has been one of my favourite products to buy for my birds, but the netting was very irritating and I found it dangerous to wildlife and later on to dispose off (as they cant be recycled). Only downside is that it breaks easier in the box and through delivery. But Im sure a solution will be found soon!

07/14/20 | isabelle b

Poor quality

The balls don't hold together, they get all squashed. All of them had to be thrown away.

05/26/20 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Birds just love them.

I bought 2 of the Fat Ball Saver packs. Great value, great product. No waste, no mess. Together with the Menu Nature Clean Garden Mix, from jackdaws to blue tits, my bird feeders are busy, busy.

05/25/20 | Keith Hill

No need for nets

The birds like these fat balls. I would have scored more highly if they were not in nets. Birds can get their feet caught in plastic netting. I cut the nets off before putting the balls in a feeder.


Loved by sparrows

The sparrows will eat anything, and they eat these fat balls happily, but tits and other wild birds in my garden do not touch them.

02/04/20 | Henny

Net nightmare

As a product this is wonderful. Birds love them and its great price. But unfortunately it is a nightmare for environment. There way too many nets. Would be wonderful if they get rid of all the individual nettings.

06/12/18 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Great success

These Lillebro fat balls were an instant success in my garden attracting lots of birds immediately and I am glad I bought a 100 of them as I am needing to replace them daily! We have watched the blue tits feeding pecked fat balls to the fledglings on the branch. Will be ordering more soon.



We usually get a lot of starlings in our garden but I was pleasantly surprised that these fat balls attract dunnocks too! We didn't get many of them visiting with the supermarket fat balls we used to buy. Will definitely order again!

01/24/16 | Lynda Hillman

More birds than ever

my garden birds are used to cheap balls from 99p shop.I put these out and they did not go near them.I was quite disappointed.However after two or three days the birds all came back and more birds than previously.I have a squirrel proof feeder with a very tight lid which I find hard to prise open.However the squirrels found a way of lifting the lid and helping themselves to top ball !

09/27/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

My birds love these fat balls

These fat balls are eaten every day by hundreds of tits, finches and even woodpeckers and blackbirds. They are great value for money and I have been buying them for years.


The birds really like them

Super quality at a fair price. The sparrows, tits, finches and jackdaws like them. I've ordered them quite a few times and I've always been happy with the product.