Bunny Fresh Grass Hay

: 5/5
Fresh Grass Hay with large amount foliage plants, carefully dried to maintain all important nutrients given to us by nature....further information
Product description
Bunny Fresh Grass Hay
Bunny Fresh Grass Hay
Bunny Fresh Grass Hay
Bunny Fresh Grass Hay
Bunny Fresh Grass Hay
Bunny Fresh Grass Hay
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Product description

Fresh Grass Hay with large amount foliage plants, carefully dried to maintain all important nutrients given to us by nature.

Bunny Fresh Grass Hay comes top for feeding your rabbits and other small pets a responsible, first-rate diet.

Bunny Fresh Grass Hay is a hand-picked mixture of the first and second crop of untreated meadows from the southern German Allgäu. The hard-structured, coarse consistency provides excellent help with tooth abrasion and general dental care. A large proportion of healthy herbs and green foliage plants add rich variety.

Bunny Fresh Grass Hay is dried carefully in a barn to avoid nutrients being destroyed by persistent rain or exposure to the sun.

Especially careful, traditional harvesting processes ensure an optimal content of important nutrients and fibres.

Please note:
As hay is a natural product, consistency may vary with the season.

Analytical constituents

protein12.0 %
fibre23.0 %


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Latest user reviews

16/01/19 | Niki
: 5/5

Bunny dream

My rabbit loves this, he is fussy but is actually eating this over the others I leave out for him as I'm always filling up his hay bag
: 1/5

The last batch was disappointing

The last batch was disappointing. It was full of unusually hard stems. I had to discard 95% of the pack as my guinea pigs would not touch it. I was concerned that it could give them pokes in their eyes.
31/01/18 | Jarmila
: 5/5

Best hay ever

My pigs love it finally i found the hay that my pigs go crazy for.They wouldnt eat other brands its more expensive but well worth it at least i know they eat it and its got the best smell out of all i had
29/10/17 | Mrs Leppy
: 5/5


my 4 bunnies all go bonkers when they see this hay coming. It's consistently good quality, and fresh.
21/04/17 | Andrea
: 5/5

The Best Fresh Hay

At long last I have found a supplier that sells, lovely fresh smelling hay, free from damp and dust. Please do keep selling such good quality hay. Will definitely be a returning customer. Thank You.
15/10/15 | Anna
: 5/5

The best!

Have tried a lots of brands making hay for the small animals. My piggies were not interested in them at all. When I tried Bunny Fresh Grass Hay I was very glad I did it. Fantastic green colour,not dried to died like most well known brands. Fresh, pleasant smell,soft to touch dried grass,not straw. Highly recommended to all glutton rodents!
: 5/5


Just ordered my third bag of this hay. It really is far superior to any meadow hays available in UK, no unwanted thistles, dust or twigs. Highly recommended.
07/05/13 | Mrs J Garnett
: 5/5

Excellent hay and very soft

I wanted to add to my earlier review that my guinea pigs also enjoy lying on this hay...I haven't seen them want to lie on hay before but they really make a point of doing it, it's softer than any I've had before.
07/05/13 | Mrs J Garnett
: 5/5

Excellent hay

I was looking for a dust free hay and this is very good...reading more about the hay on the maker's website, it should be free from nasty surprises as it's hand cut and it is very green, and nutritious looking too. When I put into my guinea pigs cage they actually popcorned they were so excited by it! It really is the best I've found and a bag is lasting more than 2 weeks for 5 guinea pigs, giving them generous amounts daily in 2 cages.
13/03/13 | elizabeth carey
: 5/5

excellent quality

With this product I actually feel I am providing my rabbits with food that contains nutrients most hay looks dried out and dead but this is beautifully natural green and smells fresh the rabbits adore it- dont hesitate to purchase it for for pets
23/06/12 | Kamila
: 5/5


My guinea pigs love it. The hay is green and smells very fresh.
02/12/11 | milky7388
: 4/5

Bunny loves it

My rabbits love this hay. I switch between this and JR mountain hay farm. Nothing wrong with the quality. I'm very satisfied.