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Guinea Pig Food

In order to help you keep variety in your guinea pig's menu, here you'll find a rich selection of dry foods. For your pet's health and happiness don't forget that it also needs hay and greens.
6 products
6 products


Burgess Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets with Blackcurrant & Oregano

A complementary food for guinea pigs, in a nugget form that helps to prevent selective feeding, with blackcurrant for flavour and added oregano to support healthy digestion.

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£23.49 £2.35 / kg
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A complementary pet food designed to offer your guinea pig the nutrients it needs for good health, with a range of key ingredients and beneficial fibre in a tasty recipe including mint.

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RRP* £25.67 Our Price£21.99 £2.20 / kg
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JR Farm

Improved version of JR Farm Guinea Pig Food Classic. A tasty, complete food for Guinea Pigs. Rich in fibre, low in grain content, tasty vegetables and added vitamin C.

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Was £6.29 Now£5.79 £2.32 / kg
Economy Pack: 2 x 2.5kg
individually priced £11.58 Now£10.99 £2.20 / kg

Mixed feed with leeks and carrots for rabbits and other small pets, also suitable as a main feed

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Was £10.99 Now£9.99 £2.50 / kg

Versele Laga

The new version of Versele-Laga Cavia Crispy - delicious muesli-style complete food for guinea pigs, with high fibre content and top quality seeds, vegetables and extra vitamin C

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RRP* £5.55 Our Price£5.49 £2.00 / kg

Extruded complete pellet food for guinea pigs by Versele Laga, with long, whole fibre. High in crude fibre, low in starch and grain-free.

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Was £10.29 Now£9.29 £5.31 / kg
Economy Pack: 2 x 1.75kg
individually priced £18.58 Now£16.99 £4.85 / kg
£30.29 £3.79 / kg

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