Burrow & Play Tower Diggy

25.5 x 20 x 24.5 cm (L x W x H)
: 4/5
Burrow and play tower made from wood, with a transparent plexiglass window for you to watch. It can be filled up and makes the perfect play or sleep space, with two entrances and a ladder to climb....further information
Product description
Burrow & Play Tower Diggy
Burrow & Play Tower Diggy
Burrow & Play Tower Diggy
Burrow & Play Tower Diggy
Burrow & Play Tower Diggy
Burrow & Play Tower Diggy
Burrow & Play Tower Diggy
Burrow & Play Tower Diggy
Burrow & Play Tower Diggy
Burrow & Play Tower Diggy
Burrow & Play Tower Diggy
Burrow & Play Tower Diggy
Burrow & Play Tower Diggy
Burrow & Play Tower Diggy
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25.5 x 20 x 24.5 cm (L x W x H)47841.1

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Product description

Burrow and play tower made from wood, with a transparent plexiglass window for you to watch. It can be filled up and makes the perfect play or sleep space, with two entrances and a ladder to climb.

The Burrow & Play Tower Diggy is a true burrowing paradise for hamsters and gerbils. The tower can be filled with straw or small snacks, then you can watch your small pet on its exciting hunt! Thanks to the plexiglass windows on the front and rear sides, you can watch your little rascal in its secret activities.
A wooden ladder on the Burrow & Play Tower Diggy also allows your small pet access to the roof of the tower. It fastens easily through the eyelets on the burrowing tower, allowing your small pet a secure climb to the top. From the top, your small pet can enjoy the view or slip inside the tower through the round opening in the roof. After clambering through the Burrow & Play Tower Diggy, your small pet can go out onto the balcony through the lower opening. Once your small pet is exhausted with playing, it can curl up in its tower and peacefully doze off.

Burrow & Play Tower Diggy at a glance:

  • Play tower for hamsters, mice and gerbils
  • Fillable: burrowing and playing fun for small pets
  • Versatile: for hiding play or as a sleeping den
  • 2 plexiglass windows: for watching your little one
  • 2 entrances: entrance in the roof and over the balcony
  • Ladder to climb
  • Eyelets and hooks: to easily attach the ladder
  • Material:
    • Burrowing tower and ladder: wood
    • Fastening hooks: metal
  • Colour: brown
  • Dimensions:
    • Total: 25 x 20 x 24 cm (L x W x H)
    • Upper entrance: diameter 10cm
    • Lower entrance: 13 x 5.5 cm (L x H)
Please note: ​​​​​​​The Burrow & Play Tower Diggy does not come with filling material.

​​​​​​​ Please note: The adhesive used in this product does not contain any substances classified as a physical, health or environment hazard under EU legislation.

Please note: As this product is made using untreated wood, it should only be used indoors.


Burrow & Play Tower Diggy
: 4/5
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08/05/21|Lydia White
: 5/5
My Gerbils have never been happier!
I love this! My gerbils are so happy to have the extra burrowing space and a nice safe space to play and sleep. The product was larger than I expected but perfect for 2 gerbils and fits well inside my gerbils enclosure. Would definitely reccomend!
: 4/5
Bit small for syrian
Quite tall and lots of room inside! Hole at the top is perfect but at the bottom the ‘exit’ that they burrow to the bottom yo get out from is too small for my Syrian. He can stick his head out and then tried butt first to get out but just can’t. He ends up with his butt stuck out the bottom and kicking all the bedding out trying to escape... luckily the bottom part can become detached so have taken that off and he can get out now but I don’t think he likes it as much without the bottom!
: 3/5
Great idea but seemed impossible to understand.
I bought this with my roborovski in mind as he loves to dig. Unfortunately, the size meant that he was not only scared stiff by the height but couldn't seem to understand that he could dig up and down it. Okay, never mind, let's try my Syrian. Similiar issue in that she couldn't understand its function; she is also very large so can't fit out of the bottom. Good idea but didn't work for me - I may try converting it into a hide. Bit of an expensive mistake though :(
: 4/5
Different use
This is very large. My hamster never used it for digging so I decided to adapt it. I removed one piece of perspex and use it as a house/next. Fudge loves it!
: 4/5
Great but not perfect product
This is an excellent accessory for any cage with bars. It is a good size for both Syrians and dwarfs. One downside I found is the placement of the ladder; because the hooks are in the middle of one side rather than flush with the edge, and the rungs are quite far apart, my ham didn't realise that this was the way to get up onto and down off it. I've modified it by taking out one of the hooks and putting it back in by the edge, but the wood is very crumbly so it's not too secure.
: 5/5
extra ladder problem solved
this is a great product but the ladder was almost instantly destroyed as it was wwwaaaaayyyyyy too steep for going down anyway. I found that a great alternative for this is to get a step by step if you put in a step by step jumping stand nest to it my hamster prefers that by FAR!!
28/11/17|Melissa Dakin
: 5/5
My syrian loves this
I've never known my hamster Pumpkin to love something so much she burrows, sleeps in it, eats in it, and loves this product!
: 4/5
Syrian loves it so much she sleeps in it!
My Syrian has had this for a good six months now, and she sleeps in it (filled with Fitch!) every night, and hoards in it (and sometimes pees in it - she tells me it's *that* multifunctional) The base slides out - helpful because after a while pee got into it, and it had to be removed. The ladder is a bit steep for hamsters going down, and was eventually chewed, so that went. We rarely see her against the perspex, but ultimately what matters is that she thinks it's the bees knees for sleeping!
09/01/17|Brigit Douglas
: 5/5
Adored by my new syrian
I bought my Syrian hamster Weefur from a lady who kept him in a tiny cage and while I waited for the bigger one to arrive he was a sorry sight to see. He slept all the time and when he did wake up, he'd manically bar chew until he gave up and went back to sleep. Today his huge cage arrived and this burrow and play. He came to life when he saw his new toy/bed. I've filled it with hemp bedding and he's having so much fun creating tunnels and hoarding his food as well as repeatedly running from bottom to top and vice versa. This toy is 5 stars from me and weefur as it's cured his depression!
01/10/14|Christine McDonald
: 5/5
Got this for my rats and it keeps them really busy dragging there bedding in and out.I just use it without the ladders and they love jumping in and out.really good price too.
: 1/5
Exposed nails
When I got this I filled it and put it in my hamster's cage. She really enjoyed it. The first time I went to clean it I noticed that there were two exposed nails poking out into the digging area. I was so thankful that she hadn't been hurt by my negligence in not noticing this construction flaw. I removed the item. It was a great idea, but there is no excuse for dangerous construction.
: 5/5
Larger than I expected
really pleased with this, larger than I expected which has pleased me a lot. Hope my rescue dwarf hamster will enjoy this when he comes home next week. Know it wont fit into his present cage but will when I get something bigger once he's settled and happy, but will make for a fun place to go when I put it in his out of cage play area. Also very impressed with speed of delivery and unlike other delivery company's made sure a) I knew delivery had been attempted and b)made it easy for me to collect will be using you again in preference over other companies.
: 5/5
really big diggy tower
was much bigger than I thought, but don't think my hammy will complain. She loves to dig! Hope she likes it :)
21/01/13|Kath Gray
: 5/5
Fun for your furball
We adopted a wee Russian Dwarf hamster & bought him the Alaska cage (also from Zooplus). At 84cm, it's super spacious & Golem flies around using every single cm! It's not the case that smaller hamsters only need a small cage- our Russian covers a lot more ground than does our Syrian. Anyway, this diggy tower fits comfortably into the Alaska cage whilst leaving ample room for a flying saucer type wheel,a hammock, a bed,feeding area, tubes etc. I did wonder whether our little friend would make it up the ladder-I needn't have. Within hours of placing the new installment into his cage, he was scaling vertically up the side of the tower and leaping in (paws outstretched like a skydiver!) from the edge, onto the deep pile of wood shavings below. It's a versatile item; sometimes a climbing wall, sometimes a digging tower,sometimes a gnawing aid, sometimes a cosy bed for the night (day!) and sometimes a diving board :-) So I can heartily recommend this item for Russian hamsters; it turns their cage into an adventure play area, keeping them busy, fit and happy whilst providing great entertainment for their hoomin friend :-) It didn't take Golem long to work out the exit at the base of the tray. It's great fun watching him and his antics through the clear window. Having ordered from Zooplus several times, I am very impressed with the service. Orders arrive promptly, well packaged and the product choice and prices are second to none. I always recommend to friends and family, several of whom are now happy customers too.
: 4/5
Good out of cage fun
Great fun for out of cage time and to hide treats in. This size is big enough for a Syrian hamster (there are smaller versions on the market). As is usually the case with these wooden accessories, they can be imperfect. I had a very wonky/wobbly ladder and after a couple of days a small section had to be re-glued. But Zooplus was the cheapest I could find for this item, so still worth the money.
06/06/11|Elaine & Chris
: 4/5
Pippa doesn't "dig" this!
We love this fab wooden toy, but unfortunately our hammy just doesn't get it. She has sniffed it and chewed it, and has even been inside it (briefly!), but simply won't dig through it - not even when we hide treats in the wood shavings. Shame! It's a great product though, and well made, but essentially a large and expensive gnawing block for our Pip!
: 5/5
4 items
i am very pleased with the service i ordered the digging tower plus 3 other items very good quality and delivery have not used the tower yet as "princess " is sleeping but looking foreward to this evening when she gets up i am sure she will love them .
: 5/5
So much fun!
Little ben (a dwarf hamster) is having so much fun burrowing. I am glad I made his life a little more exciting. Thank you Zooplus!
: 4/5
Great but could use an extra ladder.
My gerbils didn't quite get the point of the box. They went in from the bottom, pushed all the sawdust out and ate the ladder. Nevertheless they loved it and it kept them occupied for ages. I do wish it was possible to buy replacement ladders for it though.
: 5/5
Woah, this is great!
I wanted to get my 2 Mousters something which was fun. I never knew anything like this was around, as this is all that they do to their cages is mess them up so they can burrow in the sawdust. Amazing fun watching them now and again through the plastic walls. And sometimes you can see the burrow tubes where they've been through the sawdust. Brilliant. Myself and my two mousters can't recommend it enough.