Two Storey Cabin for Guinea Pigs

30 x 20 x 30 cm (L x W x H)
: 4/5
A pet cabin for  guinea pigs. Made from natural wood, with lots of space for games and hiding away over two levels....further information
Product description
Two Storey Cabin for Guinea Pigs
Two Storey Cabin for Guinea Pigs
Two Storey Cabin for Guinea Pigs
Two Storey Cabin for Guinea Pigs
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30 x 20 x 30 cm (L x W x H)227904.1

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Product description

A pet cabin for  guinea pigs. Made from natural wood, with lots of space for games and hiding away over two levels.

This cute little cabin is somewhere your pet can hide away and feel protected and safe. It is also a great place to play crazy games using the two storeys.
Made from natural wood, your pet will love to play hide and seek, run around and nibble on it.

There is a ramp on the side so that pets can easily get up to the top floor.

Two storey Guinea Pig Cabin at a glance:

  • Suitable for small guinea pigs and rats
  • Total size: 30 x 20 x 30 cm (L x W x H)
  • Downstairs door: 12.5 x 11 cm (W x H)
  • Upstairs door: 9.5 x 7.5 cm (W x H)
  • Wood thickness: 1.0 - 1.2 cm

Please Note:
Please check the product regularly for any damage, and replace the item whenever it becomes defective or when a piece of the toy goes missing to avoid any harm coming to your pet.

Please note: The adhesive used in this product does not contain any substances classified as a physical, health or environment hazard under EU legislation.

Please note: As this product is made using untreated wood, it should only be used indoors.


Two Storey Cabin for Guinea Pigs
: 4/5
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15/10/23|Lynsey hughes
: 2/5
2 storey cabin
I bought this house for my 2 Guinea pigs as that what is advertised for I found it quite flimsy to put together the top house is too small for Guinea pigs and the stairs are too steep my piggies don’t use them as they can jump on top
: 3/5
top is not big ebough
the top section is not big enough for a guinea pig
: 4/5
Perfect for rats, definitely not Guinea pigs
Nice house, a little flimsy but perfect for my rats they love it definitely too small for Guinea pigs though!
: 1/5
Too small and with a unusable ramp
The top house only fits the guinea pig's head. And the ramp is unnecessary, too steep and slippery. They can easily jump up and would only get splinters if they ever tried to use the ramp.
: 5/5
Massive size perfect for hamster or gerbils
Perfect for my gerbils, they love it and it was easy to assemble! Size is great and they adore it. This wouldn’t fit a rabbit or guinnepig as some adverts state though.
17/01/20|Claire Anderson
: 1/5
Too small for adult guinea pigs
Ramp to the second level is too high for guinea pigs and most definitely too small for adult guinea pigs s well, should be sold for baby guinea pigs only, extremely disappointed
: 5/5
Item exactly as pictured, our two guinea pigs absolutely adore it
: 4/5
Huge cabin
I bought this amongst other wooden items for my hamster. I went for the guinea pig size cabin as I read the hamster size was way too small. This is perfect! Spacious and built well. Only one criticism, the stair attachment had a sharp nail sticking out so I’ve removed it and replace it with steps, less steep for my hamster to climb. Would recommend this item but just check it over for sharp bits before using. My hamster really loves it. She sits on the roof !
: 1/5
Sadly very poor quality
Arrived with a piece of wood missing which we assumed was just a little damage in transit and easily fixable but every time a rat has climbed up it wood falls off, the ramp detaches and once the whole top storey came off. Not safe for their use.
03/06/18|Jackie Compton
: 5/5
2 storey cabin
Our guinea pig Buttons loves his new home. The bottom is perfect size for him to sleep in and he is a very big guinea pig. I had already read on here that the top was too small for an adult guinea pig and people used it as a hay store so I’ve done exactly the same and Buttons seems really happy with that. Would highly recommend.
: 4/5
My Rats Love This
Bought this for my two rats and they both love it. Sleep in it all the time, they prefer it to their hammock. Went for the larger one intended for guinea pigs and there's plenty room. My one concern would be the dowels that keep the upper floor in place seem a bit flimsy and as I need to take the top off to get it out of the cage for cleaning, I'm worried they might snap. But it hasn't happened yet.
: 5/5
Good size and use
I love how this cabin has multi uses. My Guinea Pigs love to jump onto the room, sleep in the two sections and grow on the house to keep their teeth down. It is a good size for now but the top house it a little too low and so they will grow out of it, the top section has a smooth wood floor prone to staining and also makes it slippery to walk on so I had to put a blanket down. They don’t really use the ramp as it is too steep and they much prefer jumping. I like how you can remove the ramp tho.
10/06/17|Deanna Griffiths
: 5/5
Syrian hamster loves it
I brought this for my Syrian hamster and he seems to love it having the two levels and it was so easy to put together
: 5/5
So cute!!
It's so cute!!! I ordered it on a Thursday and it was delivered on the Saturday, it was really quick! It's for my two male guinea pigs. And it's perfect! Nice and easy to put together. It's a good size, but the top bit could be a bit better as The piggies couldn't fit in it only their heads :-) but for the price it's really good and it's different from the ones u can buy elsewhere!
: 5/5
Awesome for guinea pig's
Bought this with just an idea to use the top part as a hay holder/treat hideaway. Both of my guinea pigs love this with the bigger one hogging the bottom hideaway.
: 4/5
Great for degus!
my degus love this house its big enough for them to both fit in (large house) and they love nibbling the windows to create more holes
: 4/5
Not bad
For the price its not bad but is cheaply made and isnt the same quality as the ones you see in pet shops for the RRP. No good for a syrian hamster, ive ordered 2 and on one of them the upstairs door is only 1 1/2cm wide! Overall for the price its a cute little hidy house but probably better for mice.
: 3/5
Very small!
Although the quality of this is great and the price is fantastic, it is very small. Luckily I knew this on purchasing it, and knew it would be ok for my Roborovski hamsters. Unfortunatly any other species would not be able to fit through the openings and it could pose a potential hazard if they had their pouches full and got stuck. So small size for Roborovski hamsters only!
: 5/5
Cabin Loved by all
I bought this against hubby's wishes but so glad I did, as my four piggies love this, they are all over it, in and out of it. Lol great exercize for them all.
29/04/15|Sarah Matthews
: 5/5
Large size house for guinea pigs
We ordered the larger of the sizes for our two guinea pigs boys. After reading the reviews before hand we knew that there would be a possibility that the upper door would be too small for them to pass through. This was ideal however as we planned to use it as a hayloft, we stuff hay into the little upper level and they sit on the floor outside of the door and snack away. The lower half is a lovely size and plenty roomy enough for our little pigs. They are happy hopping up onto the upper level and even the roof, and are very comfortable having little naps in the lower section and it has become a very fast favourite. Study enough, even the ramp although connected by little wooden pins once down the ramp is secure even if at first glance looked a little less so. Happy pigs and happy owners.