Trixie Sand-Blasted Branch

40 - 60cm
: 4/5
Attractive natural play, climbing & gnawing furniture suitable for birds and small pets to chew on, made of 100% natural materials...further information
Product description
Trixie Sand-Blasted Branch
Trixie Sand-Blasted Branch
Trixie Sand-Blasted Branch
Trixie Sand-Blasted Branch
Trixie Sand-Blasted Branch
Trixie Sand-Blasted Branch
40 - 60cm300214.0

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Trixie Sand-Blasted Branch

- 40 - 60cm


Product description

Attractive natural play, climbing & gnawing furniture suitable for birds and small pets to chew on, made of 100% natural materials

This sand-blasted vine from Trixie is an ideal natural decoration for any cage. The vine has many branches, providing the perfect opportunity for climbing rodents such as hamsters, mice, rats or degus to act their instinctive behaviours.

The Trixie Sand-Blasted Branch at a glance:

  • Made of 100% natural materials
  • Sand-blasted
  • Ideal for birds and small pets to chew on
Please note: As this is a natural product, every article delivered will be unique, and will therefore differ slightly from the pictures displayed here.


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Latest user reviews

24/03/23 | Daniela Horakova
: 1/5

Brilliant but NOT SEFE !!!!!!!

The branches itself have interesting shapes. But some clever person from Trixie decided to staple the label into the wood with staple gun. Yes great idea to have small invisible sharp pieces of metal sticking out when animal climbs on it. I ordered 5 branches. It took me an hour and half to get the staples out. One I did not manage and I am not using it. It is not like pulling staples from paperwork. 4 branches have long deep narrow splits in them - need to be filled with moss or bedding for safety
28/04/22 | JanJan S
: 1/5


The ticket is attached to the branch with a 1/2” staple from a staple gun. I did not manage to remove the entire staple & didnt realise one pin was still in the branch broken & sticking out. I CANNOT IMAGINE THE INJURIES MY DWARF HAMSTER COULD HAVE SUSTAINED before i realised the problem. The staple had been applied to the underside of the branch and was not easily seen. Please make sure the staple is properly removed to avoid injury to your pet.
12/03/22 | Naomi
: 5/5


ITS BACK IN STOCK!!!! its so big and pretty, i ordered 2 and it was only £30 for 2 and i was surprised on how big it was. my mum loves it and she said she might order some to decorate our soon to be new house with it. my hamster loves climbing it and it just brings the whole enclosure together. its so big and heavy and i love that. its also pretty as fawkkkk. <3 buy it i recommend it so much!!!!!! this will last for years so worth the money. i ordered this yesterday and it came today at 11 am :)
: 5/5


these are perfect for natural mouse enclosures, and i love that they are different each time. great for them to climb on
04/11/21 | Matt Clarke
: 3/5

Great product, but

This is a great product and think my rats will love it. Unfortunately a label is attached with staples. One has removed ok the other has left a small sharpe piece of metal stuck in the wood. Haven’t managed to remove this as yet, a bit disappointed
19/08/21 | Izzy
: 5/5

So natural

It was perfect for my hamsters natural theme enclosure.
08/05/21 | Lesley
: 3/5


I had to saw the ends off my branch as it had clusters of very spiky twigs on it. I then had to file some bits smooth after my hamster caught her ear on it. It’s great as a natural climbing aid for getting your hamster up levels but you need to really examine it and doctor it first!
08/03/21 | Mel Frisby
: 5/5

Love this!!

Came very quickly and well packaged. I love how it looks in my hamsters new cage! Came as expected and would definitely recommend.
05/03/21 | Emily J
: 5/5

Amazing piece of grapevine!

This grapevine was massive when arrived. It is pretty good quality but there were lots of twigs coming off of it. I just chopped these off with some secateurs because they were quite sharp. Looks extremely neat and natural inside my German style enclosure. My syrian hamster loves climbing on it, I would 100% recommend for every hamster owner.
11/01/21 | Stephanie
: 5/5

Very good

Perfect for my mourning geckos. I wrapped it in vines and they love it.
: 2/5

Not smooth and lots of cracks

The branch wasn’t smooth at all like in the picture or in other peoples pictures. It had loads of bits of peeling bark that I had to peel off. Will also have to sand myself. As well as that there are lots of cracks that I’m worried my hamster may get her feet stuck in!
: 5/5

lovely natural branch

lovely branch my hammy loves this to clime, nibble and hide under looks stunning in my natural themed cage
25/09/20 | Niamh
: 3/5

One was broken

Ordered two and one showed up fine but the other had started to break during its travels.
: 3/5

Not what a expected

Not what I expected really with sand blasted I excepted them to be smooth but in reality they are just split sticks I could I picked from the woods!
25/05/20 | sue
: 4/5

AMAZING........sort of

I ordered small but received large, but I'm not complaining! A bit fell off in the post but I can understand why because there was no wrapping to protect it. I would recommend it though.
01/12/19 | Nathan
: 5/5


My hamsters love to climb on this, and it really helps bring their German inspired cage themed together!
: 5/5


I have purchased two of these now: one for my (now passed) Roborovskis and the other for my Syrian. They add interest to the cage, and the hamsters seem to enjoy them, especially when combined with other branches, tunnels, and hides. One of my Roborovskis decided to make his little nest beneath it, and my Syrian enjoys chewing it or sitting beneath it to clean.
: 5/5

Sand blasted branch

Absolutely delighted with this branch. It’s huge and my original idea of using it outside cage has now changed and is now inside cage. I put a small hook at each end to attach to bars just to keep it secure. The cage is all ready and set up for it’s new occupant, a cockatiel and will upload a picture once the bird is settled
22/04/16 | Zan
: 5/5


I have bought 5 of these for my parrots, they are brilliant for the able and disabled birds in cages or aviaries
03/05/15 | Natalie Mugridge
: 5/5


I have bought two of these. They are fantastic for your hamster to climb over and under and make a great addition to a natural themed cage. I love them!