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Hill's Science Plan Offers

Here you can find a fantastic range of Hill's Science Plan special offers for cats and dogs – pick out something your pet will love at a price that will make you just as happy!

Hill's Science Plan Pet Food is designed to meet the needs of your pet at every life stage avoiding excess of unhealthy ingredients yet still achieving a delicious food!

2 products
2 products

Cat Special Offers

Appetising wet food for adult cats (1 - 6 years old), juicy stew with chicken or salmon and vegetables, a source of high-quality protein, can help to maintain muscle and support the immune system

Delivery in 1-3 working days
2 Varieties from
8 x 80g
£8.99 £14.05 / kg
16 x 80g
individually priced £17.98 Now£16.99 £13.27 / kg

Now when you buy large bags of selected Hill's Science Plan Feline dry cat food, a well-balanced, high-quality complete diet for cats in a range of flavours and varieties, you'll get 10% off! 

Delivery in 1-3 working days
18 Varieties from
Adult Chicken (10kg)
Was £38.99 Now£35.09 £3.51 / kg
Adult Tuna (10kg)
Was £38.99 Now£35.09 £3.51 / kg
Adult Lamb & Rice (10kg)
Was £42.99 Now£38.69 £3.87 / kg
Adult Hairball & Indoor Chicken (10kg)
Was £44.49 Now£39.99 £4.00 / kg
Adult Light Chicken (10kg)
Was £43.49 Now£39.09 £3.91 / kg

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