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Gourmet Soups

Gourmet Soups are a wet cat food rich in meat, fish or seafood, with the luxurious texture of a soup or aromatic broth. Your cat will adore these delicious Gourmet Soups, which were named Product of the Year 2017.
The Gourmet Soups offer a complete culinary experience, not just a meal. They contain only the finest ingredients and are prepared entirely without the use of artificial additives.
The packaging of these Gourmet Soups also ensures that the food retains its freshness and flavour, ensuring a great meal every time, to treat even the fussiest of cats like royalty!
    1 products
    1 products

    Delicious soups with the finest natural ingredients, with pieces of meat, fish or seafood, wonderfully textured and served in an aromatic broth, packaged for freshness.

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    Tuna & Anchovies
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    Tuna & Shrimps
    £2.49 £1.56 / 100g

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