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Gourmet Mon Petit

Gourmet Mon Petit wet cat food pouches are suitable for all adult cats. Made with moist morsels of meat or fish, these single portion pouches offer your cat a different flavour every time.

    1 products
    1 products

    Mon Petit

    Gourmet Mon Petit is tasty, complete wet food for adult cats in a handy mixed-pack. Lots of different fish and meat varieties, all in a delicious sauce. Your cat won't get bored and food stays fresh.

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    10 Varieties from
    6 x 50g Poultry
    £1.99 £6.63 / kg
    Saver Pack: 12 x 50g Poultry
    Was £3.98 Now£3.79 £6.32 / kg
    6 x 50g Fish
    £1.99 £6.63 / kg
    Saver Pack: 12 x 50g Fish
    individually priced £3.98 Now£3.79 £6.32 / kg
    6 x 50g Meat
    £1.99 £6.63 / kg

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