Trixie Household Claw Clippers

: 3/5
Trixie claw clippers with non-slip grip,
for all domestic pets.
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Product description
Trixie Household Claw Clippers
Trixie Household Claw Clippers
Trixie Household Claw Clippers
Trixie Household Claw Clippers
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Product description

Trixie claw clippers with non-slip grip,
for all domestic pets.

These handy Trixie clippers can be used to trim the claws of any household pet. The specially designed stainless steel blades prevent splitting, while the anti-slip grip allows easy handling. Most pets' claws can be trimmed easily at home. Please be aware, these handy clippers may not be suitable for pets with particularly tough claws. If you're not sure what to do, ask your vet to show you the right method first.

Animal claws contain blood vessels and nerve endings (the 'quick') which are easily damaged. It can be almost impossible to tell where the quick is if your pet has dark claws. It's always better to err on the side of caution and trim too little rather than too much.

Make sure you have a firm grip on your pet's paw before you start and start gently pushing out the claws. Look for a clear outer section of the claw and a darker inner section. Avoid cutting near the inner section, as this is the blood-filled quick. Trim the very tip of the claw.

Tip for dark claws:
Get a friend to help: one person holds the animal and shines a light (eg a penlight or flashlight) from under the nails to show up the quick while the other trims the claws.


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Latest user reviews

23/03/21 | Inês Mesquita
: 1/5

Terrible clipper

Left my cat's claws full of splinters that now I can't remove. It is just not sharp enough, it's really blunt. I wouldn't advise to buy this product.
24/09/20 | Rey
: 2/5

Should have listened to the warnings

The splinter warnings were no joke, have a file on hand when using this one.
24/04/20 | Clare
: 5/5


Used these on my guinea pigs, they cut very easy and quick.
01/11/17 | SJ
: 1/5


Splintered both large and small cats nails. Awful product. Regularly use these types of clippers so unsure why they are now so terrible.
27/04/17 | Liina
: 1/5

not sharp enough...crushed my cats nails

I even tried it with a toothpick to see weather it is just me or is the blade really not sharp's the blade It seemed to rather crush and splinter the nails, cat was also not happy so I had to quit using it and return to my own nail clippers :/
24/01/16 | Lucy
: 1/5

Shreds and splits claws - avoid this product

Really annoyed with mess these made of my kittens' claws. The mechanism of having to push the claw through the cutting hole rather a straight edge like normal nail clippers is really awkward. They split and splintered the claws on both of my kittens leaving them distressed and uncomfortable. Don't waste your money!
: 1/5

Tear not clip

We took these to the vet to show us how to clip our cats nails and they just tear the nail instead of clipping them properly. The vet wasn't impressed.
11/06/14 | Wiola
: 2/5

Not sharp enough

I have ordered this clippers before my kitten arrived so did not have a chance to try it until 3 weeks later. Product looks very well made and it is easy to use. Sadly mine are not sharp at all and it leaves claws crushed instead of nicely cut :(. Cannot blame Zooplus on it tho since of course they do not use every product before it is send.
29/06/13 | Samantha
: 5/5

Quick Cut!

I use these clippers on my two BSH Cats. Have had them for 2 years now and they still work brilliantly! Makes a daunting task so much easier to do and less stress for the animals too!
10/08/10 | Lynne
: 2/5

OK for soft claws

These clippers worked fine until I tried to clip one of my dogs, who has particularly tough claws,when the blades became bent and unusable.
24/04/10 | Yvonne & Bailey
: 5/5

Fantastic Clippers

Have just used these clippers for the first time, so quick, easy, and safe to use. Bailey hated having his claws clipped, had to visit the vets to have them clipped not anymore. Can be done at home in half the time without the cost.
17/06/09 | Jo
: 5/5

Awesome clippers

I bought these originally to use on my Guinea pigs, but they work very well on my Jack Russell too. Very easy to use, you don't need much pressure and they cut very efficiently. Quick and easy. Which is wonderful as my doggy hates getting her claws clipped, as it stresses her out.
10/06/09 | Karl Royle
: 5/5

Effective, safe clippers

After using many types of clippers, these are the best. They cut cleanly with little pressure and most importantly they do not twist the nail making them more comfortable for the dog.
17/01/09 | erin
: 5/5


very good
17/01/09 | erin
: 5/5