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Tablets & Supplements

These tablets and supplements can help to deter fleas, worms and other parasites. Wormer tablets are easy to administer and fast working, and our selection of natural supplements with biologically active ingredients such as garlic, brewer's yeast and other aromatic herbs, can help to make your dog's skin and insides inhospitable to pests such as worms and ticks.


    3 products
    3 products

    Tablets & Supplements

    Trixie Garlic Supplement for Dogs

    Natural supplement for dogs in a practical pellet form, with garlic to create an environment on your pet's skin that is inhospitable to ticks, without odour and to support the cardiovascular system.

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    RRP* £19.99 Our Price£14.49 £4.83 / kg
    Grau Garlic Pills

    Natural protection against ticks and fleas, pills shaped

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    1 Varieties from
    100g (200 tablets)
    RRP* £14.69 Our Price£10.49 £10.49 / 100g

    Verm-X Dog Crunchies are made from completely natural ingredients. These tasty little treats provide effective internal parasite control for your dog.

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    Sold out.
    RRP* £14.19 Our Price£13.99 £4.30 / 100g
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