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Soft Dog Crates & Cages

Soft Dog Crates & Cages are especially flexible and space-saving. They can easily be erected wherever you need them and your dog will feel comfy and at home straight away. Choose your ideal collapsible pet carrier from a variety of models.


    3 products
    3 products

    Premium folding dog crate has a light aluminium frame, 3 mesh doors and roof. Includes a cushion and window blinds so it is the ideal sleeping place at home or on the road. Colour: grey/orange.

    Delivery in 1-3 working days
    1 Varieties from
    Size L: 91 x 61 x 58 cm (L x W x H)

    Practical, washable transport crate with aluminium frame, two net doors with zip closures and net roof. Roll-down covers at the side windows allow darkness inside and it can be assembled in moments.

    Delivery in 1-3 working days
    1 Varieties from
    Size M: 76 x 50.5 x 48cm (L x W x H) - Grey
    Was £59.99 Now£54.99

    Transport box for dogs, made from robust nylon and usable as a dog house, with extra stable metal frame and matching carry bag, available in different sizes and with integrated floor mat for comfort.

    Delivery in 1-3 working days
    2 Varieties from
    Size M: 76 x 50.5 x 48 cm (L x W x H)
    RRP* £88.68 Our Price£80.49
    Size L: 91 x 61 x 58 cm (L x W x H)
    RRP* £100.60 Our Price£90.49

    Soft Dog Crates

    Choosing a dog crate can be a tricky process. Browse the zooplus collection of portable dog crates to ensure you can offer your dog a perfect comfy home at a moment’s notice, no matter where you are!

    A foldable or portable dog crate can be a great way to bring comfort and security to your dog, with a home that can travel around and keep your dog feeling loved and at home.

    Our Selection of Soft Dog Crates

    Choose your ideal soft dog crate from a range of models here at zooplus:
    • Metal frames covered with durable polyester or breathable nylon ensure stability in these portable dog crates. They are light and foldable, meaning you can store them in the back of your car for whenever needed.
    • Many feature handy shoulder straps and comfy handles, so that you can carry your dog’s crate around either folded or unfolded. Once again, this feature makes transporting these light portable dog crates extremely easy and comfortable.
    • A number of the portable dog crates have mesh “windows”, to ensure great ventilation when your dog is inside. Some even feature handy window blinds, so you can add darkness to the crate and make it easier for your dog to sleep when on the move!
    • If your dog requires ultimate comfort before it can sleep, then choose a variety that features an integrated floor mat, added comfort while maintaining the practicality of a folding dog crate. For the real tricky customer, some of the portable dog crates even offer a fur lining!
    • Pockets and attachment options make it possible to keep your dog well fed and watered during journeys, with utensil pockets for snacks and special fittings and openings to make it possible to attach a water bottle. Your dog should travel in as much comfort as you can!
    • The range of sizes available at zooplus is also extensive. As with any dog crate, carrier or kennel, choosing the right size for your dog is vital. You need to ensure your dog has enough space to comfortably move around, lay down and stretch out, without providing too much space, as this could result in your dog becoming too cold or even resorting to using its travel crate as a toilet! zooplus offers sizing recommendations, with suggested breeds that could enjoy each size, so picking the right dog crate has never been easier.

    We also have a range of other bedding options for your cat, so nap time can be all the time!

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