CatIt Litter Scoop

: 3/5
Robust, large meshed litter scoop, ideal for clumping and eco litter. Can be stood or hung up. Comfortable handle and large meshed scoop for easy cleaning of cat litter boxes....further information
Product description
CatIt Litter Scoop
CatIt Litter Scoop
CatIt Litter Scoop
CatIt Litter Scoop
CatIt Litter Scoop
CatIt Litter Scoop
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Product description

Robust, large meshed litter scoop, ideal for clumping and eco litter. Can be stood or hung up. Comfortable handle and large meshed scoop for easy cleaning of cat litter boxes.

The CatIt litter scoop has been specially developed for removing clumping, coarse cat litter granules. The holes in the scoop allow the clean granules to fall back into the litter tray.

The scoop area is large, making it quick and easy to clean the litter tray.

The base of the handle is flat so the CatIt litter scoop can be stored flat, hanging or standing up.

CatIt Litter Scoop at a glance:

  • Material: plastic
  • Size:
    • Total length: 31.5cm
    • Seive: L 15.8 cm x W 15.5 cm; Filling depth: max. 7cm
    • Mesh size: max. 16mm
    • Handle size: L 16cm, max. diameter 3.2cm
  • Flat end allows you leave the scoop standing
  • Hole at the end of the handle for hanging up the litter scoop
  • Large mesh size suitable for coarse cat litter
  • XXL-seive area
  • Very stable
  • Adhesive edge for loosening clumps


CatIt Litter Scoop
: 3/5
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06/12/23|Mark Pickin
: 4/5
great for lightweight litters
But not for clay based.. they break very easily
: 1/5
Ridiculously big. No good at all apart from sifting soil when gardening
: 1/5
Catit litter acoop
I had to buy many times as after a month it breaks… very annoying and getting expensive … unfortunately there is not any other like it on the market… the others holes are too small and takes for ever to clean the litter.
22/01/23|Adrian Smith
: 1/5
broken on arrival
quite poor, was already cracked on arrival where handle meets the body. not sure how to return with zooplus so went in the bin. made from brittle not flexible plastic.
: 1/5
Broke within a month
Purchased this XL (it's huge) scoop to go with the big CatIt litter boxes but the plastic is very brittle and poor quality. Because it's so large and the plastic has no give, it cracked within a couple weeks and has now broken in half. Wouldn't recommend it.
: 5/5
The best scoop ever!
This is the best scoop that I have ever used. The clean litter runs right through separating the poo and clumps without shaking. (World's Best lightweight litter) I cannot believe the negative reviews..they must be misusing it in some way.
: 2/5
Scoop for tigers poop not cats
Scoop is nearly as big as our Labrador. I don't think my litter trays are deep enough to use it.
: 5/5
Big, strong.
: 1/5
very weak plastic, brittle, cracks, useless, avoid, worst one I've ever bought, after using just a few times it cracked, so annoyed
: 3/5
Huge scoop
Such a big scoop with bug holes
: 1/5
Litter scoop
This scoop is huge!looks like a shovel! The holes are ridiculous big! I don’t recommend it
: 1/5
2nd one of these and like the first, broke after being used a few times. Made with brittle plastic that simply breaks when used. I usually use my points to get these but it's simply not worth it. Avoid.
19/11/21|Sadie Quinlan
: 5/5
The best ....use with tigerino
I can clean my 2 x cats litter tray with 3-4 scoops. Just dig it in lift it up, and shake. Discard the scoop contents. I use a smallish triangular corner tray and tigerino Canada baby powder scent. In 3 years I've only washed the tray once because it always smells divine! I just use a dettol wipe around the top edges occasionally. I swear if you get tigerino Canada with this scoop, you will be amazed at how quickly you can clean litter tray and top up with fresh. My record is 15 seconds!
: 5/5
Big but GREAT!
First time I saw it I thought it was too big... now I'm very happy I ordered it as it makes things quick and easy!
: 1/5
It came broken
Unfortunately it came broken.
: 2/5
Holes are too big!
If you are using eco pellet litter, forget about it, the holes are too big everything falls through the scoop!
21/04/20|Skewzi Mwah
: 3/5
Good but not quite...
I agree with most in that initially it's a great scooper. Sifts loads at a time, quickly and evenly but there is a design flaw. After a week or two the front edge cracks, and whilst it continues to work it slowly but surely finds other stress areas and cracks there as well. The design is perfect but the materials are not. If they made it exactly the same way but with aluminium or some other metal it would be perfect (and probably last a lifetime) which is what they don't want. Hay Ho.
: 5/5
Huge scooper!!
I absolutely love this scooper, it’s massive and does the job. It also has made life so much easier and I’m not wasting so much litter as it acts like a sieve and I can sieve all the good wood pellets left and throw away all the dust and sawdust left over so I’m not throwing away massive heaps of clean litter. Amazing to use on wood pellet litter as it’s easy to sieve and separate all the clean wood pellets from the dirty sawdust left over. I do use a smaller scooper for picking up cat poop.
10/10/19|Joost Lobe
: 5/5
Massive, good for real clumping litter
It is absolutely massive and makes cleaning a lot quicker. The holes are a great size, if your soiled litter falls through then you're simply not using real quality clumping litter. Only minus is that it doesn't fit in my litter champ... but this is not the fault of this scoop, the litter champ hatch is just too small p.s. please stop flushing cat litter... every single uk water company hates you for it .
: 5/5
the best scoop i've had!
it's a large one but perfect to get the job done quickly. It's great fit with the super benek litter. I've gotten rid of the other scoop i had and am only now using this one.