Here comes spring

Spring Essentials

It's been a long winter, and we're sure you and your pets are delighted to see the first signs of spring appearing. 

Warmer weather means plenty more time for outdoor fun as well as shedding season starting in earnest! We've put together a selection of useful accessories, all at low zooplus prices. 

From cat flaps and fetch toys to de-shedding combs to keep the inevitable floof at bay, pick out a bargain today! 

Spring Essentials for Dogs Spring Offers for Your Dog Ready for spring?

Finally it's getting warmer and we can spend more time out at the park or exploring the countryside with our canine besties! 

If your dog's toy box is looking a bit empty, we've got some fab fetch toys on offer now. Plus stay on top of shedding dog hair with handy grooming tools!

Spring Essentials for Cats Spring Offers for Your Cat Ready for spring?

Warmer temperatures may soon tempt your cat off their bed by the radiator and into the great outdoors. After all, there's lots of exploring to be done (and snoozing in the sunshine!)

Need a new cat flap? Grooming tools to keep on top of shedding fur? Look no further than our hand-picked selection.

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Grooming you cat Caring for your cat's coat Top tips

A thick, shiny coat is a sign that the cat is physically and mentally healthy. Most of the grooming is done by the cats themselves. With regular brushing, however, you can help your cat groom it. A balanced diet also ensures healthy hair.

Grooming tips for dogs Dog Grooming How often to brush

Every dog’s coat should be combed and brushed regularly to keep it in top condition, but the way you should care for your dog’s fur varies according to breed, length and even time of year.