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Dog Grooming

Every dog’s coat should be combed and brushed regularly to keep it in top condition, but the way you should care for your dog’s fur varies according to breed, length and even time of year. Regular grooming is important for the following reasons:

  1. Dogs feel better when they’re well-groomed. Itchy skin and tangled hair are uncomfortable for your dog, and can have a real effect on their quality of life.
  2. Brushing stimulates the circulation and helps to encourage healthy hair growth.
  3. When you brush your dog’s coat the old hairs and skin cells are removed, letting your dog’s coat breathe. Tangled, matted hair is an ideal breeding ground for ticks, fleas and mites, and can also lead to painful rashes and eczema.

Some breeds of dog shed their coats more noticeably in the spring and autumn, as their coats change according to the season. At these times you should groom your dog more often, and you may also need different grooming equipment.

Short haired dogs

This type of coat is very easy to care for, but still requires regular grooming in order to avoid knots and remove loose hair. A simple brush and a comb should do the trick for most short-haired dogs. Dogs with this type of coat should not be bathed too often, as this can strip the hair of its natural oils, which take at least 6 weeks to recover from shampooing.

Long haired dogs

Dogs with long hair need daily grooming.

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