02/01/22 | Jess


It’s ok to put together not easy not sure if I’m supposed to get links with my hammock but I didn’t so meh I think I will deffo upgrade them at some point when they come home

12/05/21 | Marine Satake

Does not meet size standards for welfare

This cage is suitable for gerbils, however not suitable for rats. The Blue Cross minimum size standards for a small group of rats is L90 x D60 x H150 cm to ensure that all their welfare needs are met.


Lovely cage, decent size

My three boys fit in this, with a lot of hammocks & toys. Ideally for 2, but since they will be out of it often it just about houses 3 comfortably, I thought it wasn’t very sturdy but once it’s actually built it’s quite good. The back is fiddly to get in on my cage but I don’t know if that’s just my cage in particular! Happy with this.

11/14/21 | Kelly Townsend

Very good

This cage is well made and quite big for the price the rats love it as they can run around loads in it n it defo big for 4 or 5 rats in it defo reckon this for a cage

10/02/21 | Mo

Awesome, good size cage. I love it

The cage is fantastic, bigger in reality than it seems in the photos. My rats look very happy in it, running around. There is a lot of space to fit extra bridges, toys and hammocks. Access door is big too. Great price for this size, I am really happy with it and I would recommend it to others.

10/02/21 | Mo

Awesome, good size cage. I love it

The cage is a really good size for two or more rats, it is larger in reality than i expected so I was pleased! This size is easy to clean and the rats look very happy in it. A lot of space to add extra bridges, suspensions and hammocks. Big door to get to rats, I think it is a good point because you can access inside of the cage easily. I will definitely be being more products from this website. :)

01/27/21 | Amy

Good Rat Cage

I bought this as a retirement cage for my 3 male rats. It is really good but I wouldn't put more that 4 in it as its a bit small. The tray is good at helping my boys move up and down the cage, there's plenty of space for ropes and hammocks. This cage should only be used either to house baby rats or for a retirement cage as I wouldn't house rats in it long term. One slight problem: The Water bottle it came with kept leaking but when I contacted Zooplus they were quick to refund it!



This cage is just about big enough for a Syrian hamster, let alone 2 rats!.

04/30/20 | lola

great cage!

this cage is great! it was a bit tricky to assemble but the instructions were really clear and easy to follow, it is extremely sturdy and it is very spacey which is good for rats as they need lots of room to exercise, it has a small bar spacing to ensure the rats cannot escape. overall it’s a thumbs up from me! 👍🏼


Very Difficult to Assemble

The bars are a good width, the door is a bit small but that's okay. But it needed three people to assemble. Definitely don't try and lift it up to put it on the base, put the base on before flipping it. The sides were hard to fit into the black pieces, and there's no instructions on how to fit the platform, which is really difficult for just one person to do. Otherwise, the cage is a good size for two rats and comes with different accessories, like a hammock and food bowl and water bottle.

11/14/19 | Kate

Poor design

This could be so much better if the clips holding the cage panels locked into place, however, they don’t so the whole thing threatens to fall apart when the cage is lifted off the base. Wish I’d spent a little bit more and got a normal cage without all the plastic trims.


Good size cage

This cage has many good points. It is a very good size for the price with quality accessories. I love the door catch and bar spacing. It should have been quick to assemble as I have set up cages before. It would not slot together flushly. There are gaps where joints should be flush so consequently falls apart when you remove the top section from the base. After doing research this seems to be a common problem. It is a shame as would have given more stars otherwise.


Great priced starter cage.

I bought this for my son's 2 young rats, we also bought additional shelf & several tubes & hammocks. We've had it for about a month now and it's a really good space for the young rats, we dont use the ramps as they prefer climbing. It is also gaad as you can vary the layoit to keep thrm interested. However I feel that when they are fully grown something bigger will be more suitable. Great product at a great price from Zooplus.

06/27/18 | Rowan Cervantes

Rat cage

When it arrived I was surprised at how big it was. Easy to assemble, but a little bit tricky getting the sides into the black grooves. My rats, Salt and Pepper seem really happy in their new home.

01/05/18 | Ashleigh

Love my cage

Pros: As described, spacious, attractive colour scheme, sturdy, secure, spacious Cons: a bit tricky to assemble with one person, water bottle leaked and had to be replaced Overall this is a very good cage for a couple of ratties and I'm very happy with it

02/02/17 | Kirsty Felton

Great Size Some Problems

Delivery was very quick, the cage was easy to assemble, but for some odd reason there was a lot of what looked like black plastic dust covering the bottom of the cage, which was a pain to clean up as it also covered the other items that were inside. The bar spacing is very good. The cage would better with another shelf to put on the other side of the cage as my rats were finding it hard to go up the ramp, as well as a second top opening, but overall a good sized cage and my girls are happy.


Great cage :)

Bought this cage as my first ever rat cage, it was great quality and overall a very good cage for the price. However the cage did arrive a little dusty so you may want to take that into account if you plan on housing rats in it straight away, I personally wanted to clean it before letting any pets in.

10/10/16 | Freya

Great size

It's a very great size for your rats.Its at a excellent price and it's good that it comes with a water bottle and a great size bowl.My 2 female rats really like it and I would defenetly recommend it.


Great first cage

After lots of research I finally decided to settle on this cage for my first pair of rat girlies. The cage is a decent size but I would not house more than two in here. In fact I am upgrading to a bigger cage after months of using this one. However, I will be keeping this cage as a holiday home because it is just a great cage! The easy closing mechanism on the door has saved me countless times in one handed rat battles. The base is also super easy to clean. I really like the colour scheme also. The grey bars are easy on the eyes. Some plastic parts did break on assembly which means my cage is no longer collapsible so be careful. Though All in all a great value first cage!

04/05/15 | Vicky

Nice and spacious!

I keep two female rats in this cage. It seems much bigger in person than the dimensions suggest. The plastic base is easy to clean out and there's lots of floor space for tunnels etc. There's also plenty of space to hang toys on the bars. The door is in the middle at the side and has a good rat-safe fastener but it would be better if there was a way to hold it open.

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