I agree ...

... with other reviewers. The tree looks fabulous and my cat is up and down it all day. The “trunk” is wonderfully sturdy and the baskets and little cushions look lovely, however the cat is eating the weave. I’m looking for people to replace the weave already as I know she will wreck the baskets. PLEASE arrange for replacement baskets to be available. If you do I’ll have one for each room!

07/18/20 | georgia Davies

Love the tree

lovely tree..looks great..basket is coming apart. Have ragdolls and maine coon they are in it all the time..jist buying another for the other room

05/06/20 | Sarah

Yes it is beautiful but my cat insists on destroying it

This tree is beautiful. Cant fault it. My cat just doesnt seem to want to take care of it with it being in the apartment in less then 1 day. He just lovesssss biting and ruining the sleeping baskets and one of the baskets already look messy. Note to self, I wont be buying a weaved one for him next time!

01/19/19 | Tanya

Wonderful cat tree but tricky to put together

Cat tree is fab when it is up! The tricky but is getting the top part on bottom part...two of us tried for an hour! We were convinced they don’t fit but read other reviews that said the parts have to be at exactly the right angle...we removed the base and put the two parts together while lying them on floor with one of us pushing them together tightly and then it worked. My advice would be to put the two large ‘’wiggly’ parts together and then base! Otherwise a great tree that looks really nice!

02/03/18 | Alison

Cats love but baskets fragile

Our cats love the tree and our bengal boy can jump up to the top basket without knocking it down but it does sway a little! The baskets are fraying a little due to cats landing on the edge with claws. We will repair with garden raffia. Lovely looking and much less pet shop than most trees.

09/20/17 | Helen W

Very pleased

The first part of assembly was a bit tricky but the rest went fine, definitely a two person job. I am pleased with the quality, how sturdy and big it is. Hope it will treat my cats well for years


Flower cat tree

Excellent product,looks lovely.only problem I have is same as previous review on setting up middle piece,need a lot of force to put together,might of cross threaded it but it up eventually