04/04/19 | Lisa

Not appetising

My Whippet absolutely loves the dry Wolf of Wilderness food, gobbles it down so I thought he would love this. It does not look appetising with large hard lumps of some innards and lumps of fat also. He wouldn’t touch it, refused to eat all day until I took it away. Such a waste as I bought 12 cans. Will stick to the dry food.

08/24/16 | Angie B

Fatty Looking Deposits ? but Puppy Likes It.

Bought the two varieties of Little Wolf food for my puppy. She appears to "wolf" it down but I do not like the white fatty deposits at the bottom of the tin. Same applies to the adult varieties I have tried for my two adult dogs. Will go back to Lullukus brand in future. I find that there is not much food suitable for a puppy/junior if you prefer feeding wet food, but thankfully, Zooplus have more choices and trial offers and great service too.