It works!

Our cocker spaniel puppy had a continuous problem with loose bowels. While fully active, it could not put on weight and clearly was not comfortable. Within a week on the Gastro Intestinal Junior, there was a noticeable change. Now his gut works fine, he needs less food as it takes a slower trip through his gut so more is absorbed so needing to eat less. Now just as active, but growing again and putting on weight - even now he is eating less.

11/14/16 | Sarah


Our 7 yr old Rhodesian has had its all his life with lapses of haemorrhaging diarrhoea This gastro intestinal food has been a nice change for him and his sister from the hypo allergenic they were bored with and both work in helping with his tum problems

06/06/16 | Becky hughes

Excellent product

My 6 month puppy has suffered with loose stools since he was born and always seemed to have tummy ache, this food has helped tremendously and he is now enjoying feeding time and a happy puppy again and no more loose stools. Highly recommended