06/05/21 | John White

Royal Canin

Our dog has been reared and fed with this dog food for his entire life and is a healthy and happy companion

04/10/21 | ClaireMynard

A good dog food

Very good for dog’s with allegies.

11/24/17 | Cyndy Robertshaw

German Shepherd with Sore Itchy Bottom

After spending huge sums of money at vets trying to control our GS dog's sore itchy bottom -( "Anal Furnunculosis , a common condition in this breed) I decided to try RC Dermacomfort. WOW! It worked! After just a few weeks he is 100% okay. I tried going back to his other food (RC German Shepherd) and the itchy showed signs of returning.

07/20/17 | Jill

Sorted out ear problems

My young lab was continuously shaking his head. The vet put him under to thoroughly investigate his ears and discovered that his ear canals had narrowed possibly due to low grade ear infections as a puppy (he loves swimming). I enquired about a change of diet but the Vet said it wouldn't help. Despite that I changed his food to RC Dermacomfort maxi and et voila he stopped shaking his head. He is now almost 8 and has been on this food together with my border collie/GSD for around 6 years.

02/05/17 | Steven Wood


My dog was suffering massively from skin irritation since I gave him this food he has stopped scratching, his coat has become smoother and shiner. Every month I buy one. Great deal. Great customer service. Very fast delivery.

01/12/16 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great food *****

My Shepherd loves this food, it agrees with him and has improved how his fur looks. He loves eating it as well. My Bulldog with neverending skin problems has finally got perfect skin :) And no unpleasant smell

05/03/15 | Irina


High quality and balanced food. Feeding my labrador with it for few years.

02/15/15 | GinaC

Did the trick

I've got a 2.5 year old Hungarian Wiredhaired Vizsla, who was losing weight just after a year, though he always had looser stools in this initial puppy year. In hindsight I think this was down to him being given snacks as treats, especially rawhhide ones; maybe I was overloading his tummy. I then had enzyme tests run on him to the tune of over £1000 at the vets and given a hypoallergenic food which worked and stabilised him but which cost £80 a 15kg bag. Allhis tests came back OK but I discovered he was on the lower end of a scale but within range for digestive sensitivities. I then tried a sensitive version of this Royal Canin there was no success then inadvertently ordered the normal one. This sorted him out and hes gained weight to a lovely 32kg dog with no more ribs showing. I would definitely recommend this product.

01/18/15 | Monique Liddiard

Good for all the furbabies including cat!

I have a 14 week old shih tzu she was eating this at the breeders so continued and she is beautiful. Gaining weight her coat is amazing and as bouncy as a puppy should be. My 3 year old rescue shih tzu x westie loves it as well and he's coat has improved, as a lot of westies he had dry skin and would scratch, he doesnt now and he's coat is much thicker. My cat loves it too and wow has he's coat got fluffy and he is much stronger. Amazing product and I will be keeping this brand of food. Just wish there was another flavour perhaps. All in all a very happy family. Thanks


For hyperactive dogs!

This is a great option for cereal allergies, my dog has only been on this food for about a week and he's already more quiet and concentrated!

03/04/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

Top food!

One of the best foods I've tried yet. My long haired sheepdog has had no more problems with his coat or itchy skin. It's a bit expensive but definitely worth it!


Love it!

My dogs love this food, there are never any left overs. One of them developed a skin problem and was on steroids and antibiotics for a while, but with this food you can really see the difference in skin and coat condition. The 2 of them with their shiny locks can now star in L’Oreal adverts :-)

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