10/11/19 | Laura Martin

Dalmatian loves this food

Mylo is normally the more tricky of the two dogs to find food for. We have to be so careful when choosing food for him with his sensitive tummy. He loves this food. it would get two big darks at dinner time. This means he is excited. The test for a new food takes us a few days to really test. We call it the flatulence test. Bad food will have him with a huge bloated tummy and the farts. Sorry but true. I am happy to say this food passed all the test and more for Mylo he loved it.

10/11/19 | Laura Martin

Springador loves this food.

Bought for Millie 7-year-old springador , Millie suffers from mild hip dysplasia. She loves the taste of it. Millie is that weird dog who will some times spit out the odd biscuit in her food. There is no reason I can find for this but she does it. But not with this food she devowed it. Like it was the best thing to pass her lips. She will even beg for the biscuits and not her treats. This has never in her life happen before. These are the best biscuits for her.

09/10/19 | Charli B

my 8 year old collie X king charles spaniel is already a big fan!

I will be definitely recommending this dog food to all my dog owner friends - my 8 year old collie X king charles spaniel is already a big fan! He has always been a little fussy with dry foods but this was an easy winner from the first day of trying it with him. He has been eating it for almost two weeks now and he seems very healthy and happy.

02/08/17 | Jackie Eeles


Excellent product and brilliant service from Zooplus. Always delivered promptly and great value for money with the added advantage of the bonus scheme for free products for your pet. Highly recommend.


Excellent Product

My 11 year old Collie has been eating Science Plan for years and the mature range suits her well, with no wastage. Great price from ZooPlus and delivery times have got better recently. Love the Rewards scheme to get lots of treats and toys etc.

01/31/15 | Debbie


This product is the best.i have a german shepherd which no longer limps due to changing to this food .excellent .recommed to any german shepherd owner.

10/09/14 | carol TyermlN

Excellent well balanced food

We have just rescued a Jack Russel who was underweight and very timid. We started Tilly on this food and she has gained weight, is very active and has a beautiful glossy coat. As she had a bad start in life we want to give her the very best. We now have a very happy dog.

06/08/14 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Perfect for a working dog

My springer was losing weight - it was so active ordinary food was just not providing the nourishment and protein it needed. The vet suggested moving to this and the dog has got stronger and gained weight - but is not fat, so I presume the weight must be increased muscle and all over development.

06/08/14 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Good food @ good Price with special offers all the time

Good food @ good Price with special offers all the time not like other retail store


hills science plan

The food is very good for our two dogs who both love it . We are very happy with this produce and zooplus company are very efficient and the delivery is extremely good .

02/20/10 | Linda Goulding


After the coldest, hardest winter, our two border collies have had no problems at all with aches and pains. This food is incredible.

04/07/09 | Linda Goulding

Our Collie has become like a puppy again

Our 9 year old collie was suffering with aches and pains, had a urinary infection which seemed very difficult to clear. Our vet suggested this - after only a couple of weeks the difference was incredible. She was never very interested in food at mealtimes - now she beats our other border collie to their dishes. Both eat the same food and both have wonderful coats, energy and are full of life. Wish I could eat it too