Yak Dog Chew

I have bought this a couple of times now in small and medium size. My dog loves chewing them and they last a while.


Great treat

My dog never chews on nyla bones and so I decided to try this. It's perfect for JRT size. If your dog likes this product I would keep it as special treat when you need them to entertain themselves and chill. Mine carried it everywhere, outside, inside, bed! It only lasted 3 days as she would chew on it quite often. Will definitely be buying it and will use as high value reward. # Tip: you can get them from rewards shop! #

12/29/19 | Jane

Keeps dog entertained

Gave these to my 2 larger Chihuahuas and they loved them. One usually gets bored very quickly with things but this kept him entertained for hours. I eventually had to take it off them for another day. Lasts for ages.