11/22/21 | Sam

Great milk!

My cats love this milk, I have tried others but this is definitely the only one they will drink with great enthusiasm.
11/15/20 | Kimberley

4 cats love it

My 4 babies ranging from 6months to 3years absolutely love it
09/26/17 | Natalie

Kitten Loves This

My Kitten absolutely loves this and wont have any other milk. It is his favourite treat.

My cat loves it!

Until his first birthday, my cat loved milk and drank it every morning. Since then, he doesn't like it as much but still drinks it regularly. Out of all the milk for cats I have tried, this one is by far his favourite!
08/19/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr


Great, but I don't give big drops as I do not waste anything
06/27/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr

My cat loves it

This is the second time I've recommended this product. My 3 month old kitten loves this milk. She has never been sick. I give her milk until she doesn't want any more. I highly recommend this product. Tip: a bottle lasts roughly four days so a pack of 6 should last the month.
04/29/13 | Anne Chilvers

Wholesome treat

Three out of our four cats like Whiskas cat milk. I've tried other brands with no success. I always give a little drop of milk after their meals, and if they don't want to eat anything I try them with a small bowl of this milk as I regard it as a food and feel better that they've at least had something. I do leave bowls of water out too, and that is the preference of our fourth cat, as well as the three milk drinkers.
01/20/12 | lesley howson

they lapped it up

i bought this purely for my two older cats toby and timmy,especially as they are old cats,i thought the vitimans would help them. toby hasn't been well,i took him to the vets and she said for his age he is in excellent condition,but his teeth are poor. so i gave them some the other day.and they lapped it down,i have noticed a difference in toby.he is looking a lot better than he has done. i also thought the calcium would help.as my two younger cats maisie and millie.i was giving them the cows milk before. but this is like a food it is thick and creamy,i would highly reckomend this especially for kittens, and old cats.
08/10/10 | Sophia Hamling

Amazing Kitty Milk

My gorgeous persian kitty, Freddie is very fussy about his food. I tried about four different cat milk brands before I found Whiskas Cat Milk. After that success, I use Whiskas food as well! I (and the cat!) like all the different flavours. To get Whiskas cat food, I would highly recommend the website VioVet. Or just zooplus, I guess. Thanks for introducing Whiskas cat food to me, zooplus!
11/25/08 | Karin

They won't drink any other

I've tried giving my kittens other (cheaper) brands but its just a waste of money. They only like this brand. It looks creamier and the taste is slightly sweeter and more wholesome than other brands. (yes I tried it and it tastes nice!) It might be more expensive than other brands, but this one you can screw shut and put it in the fridge, which is nice as other packs sometimes fall over and pour out.
10/25/07 | J Kavanagh

Cats love it

The owners of my first cat used to feed it cow's milk everyday - they didn't realise it was too harsh for their stomachs. When I got her home she didn't want to drink her water. Now with both my cats meals, I give them a little of this cat milk and they love it! It's a nice treat for them, but remember it's still important to leave fresh water out.

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