Changed formula

All 5 cats used to love this stuff. None of them will touch the new formula.

05/21/17 | Cathy

No likey

My poor cat love the cat milk but since you change the recipe he don't like it anymore, now all he as is water but I know he missing he's milk , if so many people feel the same about this can't you change it back to how it was please.


Changed formula!

Should've so read the recent reviews before purchasing again as the last reviewers have said - they have changed the formula! Also, the packaging seems a bit fishy since there is some foreign European language on it. The old formula used to be creamy and slightly yellow. This new formula seems watered down and very white. My cat does not like it!

04/01/17 | Hakan

Why change it when it's good

Why change it and make the old recipe unavailable. My cat won't touch the new recipe. There is no decent cat milk that my cat would drink. I've tried so many different ones.

02/19/17 | Cherry Vincent

New Recipe

Do not be fooled by reviewers on here giving 4 or 5 stars back in 2014. I would have given it 5 stars then but since they changed the recipe in 2016, I would give it 0 stars if possible as my cat just won't touch it now.


New Recipe

Oh Dear Whiskas what have you done ? IF IT AIN'T BROKE DON'T FIX IT !!! This NEW RECIPE Catmilk is not going down well, in fact it's not gong down at all. The Nation's CATS don't like it & are suffering without it. I would like to think by ordering online form Zooplus I would get the original, the bottle in the picture on the website looks like the correct one, but what would I get ....I definitely don't want any more New recipe, I have enough unwanted stock as it is in my cupboards.

12/24/16 | Tricia Smith

new recipe? Forget it

Since Whiskas changed the recipe my cats turn their noses up at it. They used to love it. Watered down? Not buying this any more.


New recipe

My cat loved this milk, 6 years she's been drinking it, until they changed the recipe, seems like it's been watered down, she won't touch it now, new but rubbish recipe

11/11/16 | Naomi Twelftree

New recipe catmilk

5 out of my 5 cats did not like the New recipe that whiskas have brought out. Shan't be buying that again, daren't order anymore in case Zooplus are now stocking it and then I end up with loads that they don't like :0(