Good value

It’s a reasonable size. Price is good! But my cats destroy in three months. Only two Siamese! I think the could do with something taller, but I’m loathe to pay 4 times the price of this one, if that, too only lasts three months

03/28/21 | Sally Squires

Lasted about 6 months

The cats loved it but scratching produced rope dust and fibre constantly. Then as it got more frayed the rope shredded and broke off. Huge amounts of mess every day which blocked the hoover. Also I found the cats chewing the loose fibres and I was worried they would choke. Had to chuck it anyway as the rope was almost gone.


seemed strong, but broke within a year

i loved this, very good value and large enough for cats to have a good stretch. went to tighten it the other day as it was wobbly, and found out its not the screw that neds tightening, the bottom of the trunk has come away, so nothing can be done to fix the wobble. dissapointing really, as initially impressed. would have hoped it would have lasted a year at least.

03/08/07 | R. Dickinson


My cat would prefer a 'carpet' which is less plush/fleecy and more like real floor-carpet, but the post itself is functional and reasonably priced.