06/11/22 | Louise


His lordship loves the new Post



About a week after purchasing this I realised that the post wobbles considerably. Tried tightening the one screw at the bottom but it made no difference. Kitten jumps onto this but is unsteady and pushes the post when it scratches.. he only weighs 1.5kgs! Luckily my bigger cat isn’t interested as I imagine he’d pull the whole thing down

05/09/22 | Tanja

Happy enough, just ordered my second

I ordered my first Olga scratch post in March 2021 and it didn't disappoint. Great height, looks good, cat loves it. It was a little wobbly when free-standing so I stabilised it by putting the platform partially under the sofa. The cat scratched on it every day, and that caused the first one slowly falling apart now, 14 months later. For the discounted price (£11.99) I didn't think twice and ordered it again.

04/05/22 | Vicky


I’ve never seen a scratch post this big before but my cats love it. Hopefully it’s gonna last longer than the last one which was much smaller in all ways. Great value aswell I would say buy it for your fur babies they willlove it

03/10/22 | EKing

Kittens loved it until it broke

Bought in November, kittens loved it til it broke at the base. Really poorly made and I’m not a happy customer.

02/04/22 | Alison Reveley-Collins

Quality at fab price

Really happy with this scratching pole. Quality item at fab price. Cats took to it striaght away.

02/04/22 | C Robson

Great height but poorly made

Both my cats love this scratching post, and use it numerous times each day. Sadly it has only lasted 2 months as the post has come away from the base. Mid scratch and the post fell onto one of my cats. The base is only secured with a few staples.


Good value

It’s a reasonable size. Price is good! But my cats destroy in three months. Only two Siamese! I think the could do with something taller, but I’m loathe to pay 4 times the price of this one, if that, too only lasts three months


Best scratching post

Have had various shapes and sizes of scratching post but have now given up on the others as both my cats love this one so much. First ones I bought are looking tatty now as so well used so recently replaced. Hope this one continues to be sold.

12/28/21 | Emma Hannant


I have a large cat who (literally!) tears through scratch posts. This is long enough for him to fully stretch out & really durable too.

12/14/21 | Nicola


Broke in two weeks it’s now in the bin have asked for a refund as a loyal customer still waiting to hear back

11/27/21 | Charlotte

Perfect Height

Quite simply the best designed scratching post. At last, there is one that is the perfect height for cats. Looks good and the cats love it.

11/04/21 | Ron Brighten

Good for the price

We have three cats and these posts last on average between 3 and 6 months. Depends upon how much time they spend indoors.

09/18/21 | Liz


Just had to buy another one of these as my cats wore out their old one after having it for several years. As soon as I took it out and finished assembling my cat came up and went at it. Best priced cat post for its size and durability. I have a smaller and a larger cat and they both love to stretch out and scratch on it as soon as they enter the room it’s in.

09/18/21 | Liz

Price fluctuations

Amending a previous review to say I bought this both times at £11.99 (not on a sale) and now notice it’s £18.99 and others are noting other prices in their reviews so if you’re going to buy maybe hold off until you see it go back down to the reasonable price of £11.99

07/21/21 | Dove’s Dad

Unexpectedly brilliant!

Had low expectations due to price, but I was wrong (don’t tell the wife). Big and strong enough for 2 Ragdolls. Great quality, easy to assemble.

06/12/21 | Porsha

Good product

This is a quality product at a good price. Porsha loves it. A small kitten would be able to climb and sit watching the world go by

06/03/21 | Alex

Fantastic post for a great price

This post was great - just as high quality as the post I replaced it with and like half the price.

05/28/21 | Michael

Massive! Which means it gets used instead of the sofa

Our mummy cat has this as part of her morning and evening routine.

04/29/21 | Hayley Williamson

Didn’t last

Lovely looking but within a couple of weeks started falling apart bits of it everywhere, had to be thrown out after 5 weeks, wouldn’t buy again