love it well made great price and height ,space saving ,best colour tree ive ever had, a bit high tbh cats are a bit nervous but hoping in time will get on top. id buy the same again if top bed was height of ledge underneath!

02/01/22 | Helena


Love this cat tree it's lovely and high great price and it's very sturdy and very good quality, best one I have bought yet It doesn't take up too much room either, it's taller than in was expecting but it's just what I wanted and in Time for my new arrival next month

01/24/22 | Aleksandra

Cat tree

Nice and tall. My cat was a bit scared of the height but she slowly getting use to it. She already had couple of naps on the top which was the main purpose of this three. She doesn’t like changes but some are essential. In general, good solid three. Highly recommend ☺️😉

12/05/21 | celia keen


Excellent cat tree. He loves it!

11/07/21 | Linda

Fantastic cat tower

First of all, the tower arrived a couple of days after I placed the order, I was so delighted. The tower is high, 6ft 6in but the overall footprint doesn’t take up very much floor space. There are two generous cubbyholes at the bottom, two large ledges and a big bed at the top. One of my cats claimed the top bed right away. The tower is well constructed, easy to put together and great value. I’m very happy with my purchase and so is my cat.


Kitten loves it!

I bought this for my 2 year old cat but she didn't like it or use it. We now have added a (very energetic!) 10 week old kitten to our family and the kitten loves it!!! She plays in it, uses it fully and loves sleeping at the very top or second top tier.

06/22/21 | Molly Harrison

Cat loves it !

Bought this for my cat as she's been getting a bit bored at home ,and safe to say she loves it !!! Really good quality and is really sturdy !! No way is this thing getting knocked over!!!

05/20/21 | David Smith

Best Cat Tree on the market

This is brilliant,can’t fault it in any way,fits perfectly in the corner,looks great,my cat loves it especially the top bed which is also very spacious,best thing I’ve bought for my cat and amazing value for money too

04/26/21 | Tori Lynn crowther

Excellent for small cats

Fabulous tree for small cats and kittens. My 9 month old maine coon can still squeeze himself in. I have it in my office and usually have 3 cats with me. They can all sit in it and watch me. Fits in a very small space, so if this is what you need, it is perfect. Not big enough for large maine coons or large cats, but I imagine my boy will still be trying to squeeze himself in when fully grown.

03/22/21 | Mike

Very nice place for perching

Our cat loves it, the top is the favourite bed on the tree. It seems pretty stable and our cat jumps on it. Scratching posts are pretty popular. She's not super keen on the bottom houses, but they offer a lot of stability so the tree doesn't shake. Its a great tree for a climbing cat to explore.

12/31/20 | Nadia

Beautiful cat tree

Really easy to out together! The moment the tree was put together my ragdoll kitten jumped straight into it and especially loved the bottom crate with the holes in it. Amazing value for money aswell


Really big win with cat

Tree is skinny enough to fit where I needed it to go, its light so it's not too imposing in the room and most importantly my cat absolutly loves it. Hes a senior boy but can still get up easily and hes constantly using it.

05/20/20 | Amy

Simply the best cat tree

This tree is amazing. It's tall, sturdy, great value and our two love it. It sits nicely against a bookcase and doesn't take over the room. Would definitely get another if we had the space.


Very sturdy and good quality

This is an excellent cat tree. It's very tall so your cat can survey the whole room. It's well made with multiple levels and a lovely hide at the bottom for when they don't want to be disturbed. It's covered in a robust and very soft material, and for a fantastic price!

02/06/20 | Jayne Ashworth

Cats love it

Gave it 5mins and she loved it , our rag doll very fussy but woooooo she was like a kitten again after 5 mins of playing easy to put together and very steady

11/24/19 | Suzanne lloyd

Cat tree

Very well made,my cat loves her new tree she loves the different levels on it, a lot bigger than her old tree that she was to big for, wS a good price

11/08/19 | Doreen

Brilliant tree for my kittens

Purchased this tree for my 2 kittens best money spent. From day one your jumped into it and on it. They play fight on it, sleep on it, they love it. My kittens are Norwegian forest cats so they are great climbers. It’s a good space saving tree I would highly recommend it.

10/30/19 | Pam Copplestone

So good we bought it twice

We have two cats and they loved the tree so much that we had to buy them one each! They play up and down them all the time. It is sturdily made and the bracket means ut can survive very wild leaps and scrambles.

10/28/19 | Doreen

Brilliant tree for my kittens

Purchased this tree for my 4 month old kittens. They loved it from the first day they saw it. They sleep on it, play, and use it for a really good scratch !!

09/07/19 | Natasha

Great cat tree!

I spent a while searching for a cat tree that wasn’t going to take up loads of room, but had enough to do for my cat. This tree is perfect for what I was looking for - it doesn’t look like an eye sore like some cat trees do, it fits perfectly in the corner of the room. Moz, my 4 month old Maine coon kitten loves it! It’s quite sturdy, but I did also buy a wall bracket for when he’s a bit older as he’ll be a big lad and wouldn’t trust it without it being secured to the wall. Would recommend!