05/22/21 | Jan


Both mine love theirs, first come first serve on the top bed. And they both love a good scratch on it.


Catherine Cat Tree

A very solid well crafted and finished product. Sturdy and matches the description. I thought it was great, but my fussy cat decided it wasn't for him, so I returned the tree and Zooplus dealt with it promptly without dispute. Good customer service.

08/14/20 | Angie Davidson

Almost perfect

This tree sturdy even with my Bengal leaping all over it, doesn't take up masses of floor space and it looks very good too. There's tons of scratching opportunity with lots of posts and the material on the bottom section. My only issue at all is that there's a hole in the top of the base box which seems unnecessary. It means that cats can't use that section to sit on which is a shame. I would have said 5 stars if not for that.

07/20/14 | Liz

Catherine Cat Tree

I have two 3 year old Burmese cats, one sister twice as heavy as her sibling. They are inside cats and do need the trees. I have one larger one downstairs which has never really been very steady, although they love it. In this tree neither of them can climb to the top bed, not even my smaller, slimmer cat who is very agile. Once I put either of them in there they love the bed and stay in it for as long as they want. It is not big enough for both cats, but they love the rest of the tree. I bought it specifically to fit into the corner of my bedroom at the window so they sit for hours watching the wildlife in the garden. Don't know how to solve the problem of not reaching the top bed on their own though. A good looking space saving cat tree though.

04/29/13 | Ginette

Looks good

I love the look of this tree sat in the corner but am dissapointed to say my 7 month old is not the slightest bit interested in sitting in it, preferring her other beaten-up tree made up of 3 old ones lol.I do occasionally hear her playing with the dangly toys on it however, which she loves...This is the risk we take to please our little pride n joys :-)

11/29/12 | kenandblighty


The only reason that this doesn't get 5 stars is the top half is quite wobbly. Everything has been put together very firmly, but still. It looks really good, doesn't over-power the room and apart from the wobble, its really nicely made. Cat was very interested in the box it came in, and when I was putting it together, but now just uses it as a ladder to get to the top of a cupboard!! I love cats and their ways, lol.

11/29/12 | blightyg


The only thing that stops me from giving it 5 stars is that its wobbly at the top, despite checking and double checking it as I put it together. Looks neat, fits in a corner of the room well, without taking over the room. Nice and soft, the toys are very cute, and the basket at the top looks lovely to snuggle in... ...however, our cat liked the box it came in, liked the tree while I was putting it together, but now only uses it as a ladder to get to the top of a cupboard!! Fickle (but gorgeous) things, cats.

06/11/12 | Hazel


Lovely tree, easy to put together and fantastic for cats and kittens and good space saving design


She loves it!

My Cat loves it, even if the top bit shakes a bit when she jump on it