03/10/22 | Sarah

It’s great but…

It’s a wonderful tree, however, it’s not like the picture and description. It isn’t a panelled wood hideaway at all it’s just cheap board covered in fleece fabric. I bought the tree based on this and now feel a little cheated. This will easily get ripped by claws. Disappointed …

03/06/22 | Pat

Magnolia X-Large plus

Fantastic for my lot needed up buying 2 in end. I got 10 cats. So they like the hammock and. The beds I have large cats

03/02/22 | Dizzy75

Excellent for large breeds

As a house with multiple large breed cats (ragdolls and Maine coons), we need sturdy cat trees! They've destroyed many over the years, often within hours! We have 2 of the Karlie banana leaf trees which are excellent and they love but they are slowly shredding the leaves and the tree still wobbles when they jump on and off. So I thought I'd try this one. Not only is it stylish looking it's so sturdy it doesn't wobble one bit! Highly recommended.

03/01/22 | Pat

Large scratch post

This is fantastic sturdy well made I now have 2 as my large cats arguing over it. The post are not like cheap rubbish. Worth the money

08/13/21 | Anne Wren

Structure good but beds are unsafe & thin… useless!

The beds become misshapen quickly & wear out. They cannot be purchased as spares so I had no choice but to spend over £32 to buy two wooden shelves from Zooplus which use identical beds . The shelves were thrown away & within 10 months the beds were worn out again. Re safety,the beds are only attached to the shelves with a few strips of Velcro & my cat fell from the top shelf when the bed came away. They look good but I will not buy again unless Zooplus start offering spare parts & extra Velcr

06/26/21 | amanda dove



06/06/21 | Sam


Really good quality cat tree, very sturdy and looks great too. Unfortunately whilst my cats use it daily and clearly love it, they do not use the hammock or bed above but I'm still glad I bought it - I just have fussy critters!



Great quality. My cat loves it!

04/03/21 | Vicki

Perfect cat tree for multi cat household

We have 3 cats and needed a tree that could keep all 3 happy. This cat tree is easy to assemble, stylish and great quality. Our cats absolutely love it. It’s very stable too and has some flexibility with the layout. I spent hours researching and I am so pleased we chose this one. I’m considering getting the smaller version to go upstairs too.

03/15/21 | serinne

excellent purchase

There is always a cat asleep in it somewhere, love the fact you can remove all the covers for washing, very sturdy too, best money i've spent on a cat tree. Highly recommend this for everyone with cats.

03/07/21 | Natalia

Perfect cat tree for bigger cats

My cat Olaf love it ! 😻

02/20/21 | Sarah

Lovely Cat tree

This cat tree is perfect for my Ragdoll, it’s a great size for him, he loves it! Feels sturdy and I love that the fabric parts are washable!

01/07/21 | Becky

Fast delivery and top quality cattree

I have 2 boy cats one of which is very large over 6kg. This cattree is perfect size and is very sturdy. I received delivery within 4 days of ordering and was really pleased with the quality of the product. The cats love it!


Our cat loves it

Very stable cat tree, good quality. Our cat is a big cat of 8kg and the beds of this tree are big enough for him. He did not want to go to the top at first, but now as he figured that out, he loves to sleep on the top all day. Would recommend especially for bigger sized cats

12/06/20 | Reb

Best cat pole of my life (or rather theirs)!

Having bought this cat pole during a Zooplus sale a few years ago, it remains the most durable cat pole I have ever owned. I've spent the same for far thinner, cheaper versions that one of my cats destroyed every time. All three cats started using this as it was being assembled and no cat has turned it down since. It remains a feature item in amazing condition and my cats still use various perches to sleep in. Just wish there had been a burgundy option when I bought my black one.


Excellent cat tree for large cats

We have had this cat tree for a year now. Our three Ragdolls love it. They are large cats and it is the perfect size. Each cat has a favourite spot, and after a year of constant use, it still looks great. I spent a long time looking at trees - so pleased we chose this one.

07/10/20 | Roger

Disappointment. The cat-tree is only half as tall after 6 months.

No repair or replacement part for that the top "cat tree-post/ leg". It became wobbly and taken down with the first 5 months. The cat tree is now half in size and kitty doesn't have his high spot in the living-room. The damage was not from normal wear and tear . Our previous cat-tree (half the price of this one) lasted over 4 years ; only replaced because the XL cat-tree seemed like good upgrade for a big cat. Disappointed. Don't recommend it.

05/11/20 | Nicole neal

Natural paradise cat tree

This cat tree is amazing , my cats love it i have british short hair cats they are big , the ledges are brilliant size and i love the fact i can wash the bedding , My only fault is the wood was slightly damaged in transport but nothing my electric sander could not fix

09/26/19 | Katen Sullivan

Cats paradise

Absolutely delighted , vats rushing on to find their favourite spot

09/07/19 | Anne Wren

The beds let it down

Only three stars because the beds are cheap, do not last, can't be purchased separately & are fitted to the tree in a way that makes them dangerous. Such a shame because this is a substantial good looking tree for a great price but it is badly let down by the two beds fixed only with strips of velcro. Our kitten climbed up & as he tried to climb into the bed the velcro separated & he fell just over five feet to the floor