Terrible smell despite quality ingredients

I want to love this as ingredients appear high quality but the smell is terribly strong which doesn’t work when you have an open plan flat. Cat also doesn’t eat it if it’s been out for some time
07/12/22 | Sylwia


My cat can't get enough of this flavour . We did tried the other flavours too but this one Turkey with Pumpkin & Catnip is hers favourite 😋 . The best homemade cats food ever.

Terrible for my kitten

My 3 month kitten liked this food but has been unwell and with diarrhoea. Since 1 week I changed to other brand and now he is ok.
05/18/22 | Kerry bonsell


All the kitten cans were off as I could push the top down , my kitten has been unwell , I never noticed until the 3rd one , she’s a ragdoll and is so unwell now

Not a favourite with Milo, but good

I've been trying Milo on some different, higher quality foods as he came to us on Whiskas and he would always lick the jelly/gravy and not eat the meat. This is the first brand we tried and he does enjoy it a lot more, actually makes an effort to eat it, but is not his favourite and will always leave some in the bowl.
03/22/22 | Christine Drury

Not to his taste

Unfortunately my fussy kitten didn't like this & I had to throw a lot away. I now have many cans to donate to a cat sanctuary.

Very disappointing

The description of this cat food sounds great - great meat content and cost effective. Unfortunately my cat won't eat it and it smells much stronger then any other cat food I bought. Not great :(
12/12/21 | Aimee

Ragdoll kitten licks his bowl clean!

My 13 week old ragdoll used to be raw fed unfortunately the raw food seemed to upset his tummy so when I saw this had hearts and liver just like his raw diet I fell in love with the brand! My kitty absolutely loves the rabbit flavour he can’t get enough! He thinks turkey is ok but will wait to see if I’m going to offer rabbit before he eats the turkey. Veal seems to upset my kittens tummy so we have passed that flavour to a family member who was thrilled and her adult cat loves it!
12/11/21 | Aimee

Ragdoll kitten loves this!

My ragdoll is 13 weeks old he’s been with us since 9 weeks originally he was eating raw but his tummy found the organs to be too rich for him so we took him off and I was looking everywhere for a brand that was healthy and didn’t contain so much rice and potatoes and finally found it! He absolutely loves this food unfortunately chicken and veal upsets his stomach but all the other flavours are great I’ve just ordered 48 more cans! Also trying their treats next!
11/27/21 | Sophie

Looks like quality but can’t persuade my cats!

This looks like a quality product for a reasonable price - sadly my kittens don’t seem to think so - they would barely eat it.. but they don’t like minced fillet of beef either any more so they are hard to please!
10/21/21 | Veronika

Our favourite food

My kitten loves this food a lot. He eat everything what I give to him. Not expensive at all and great ingredients in this.
10/16/21 | Liv

Amazing Food!

I have a very picky 11 week old kitten, I’ve tried her with whiskas, felix, iams, concept for life and smilla kitten food and she eats a few bites then leaves the food but finally with this food she’s eaten almost 50g in one meal! Happy kitty, happy me :)
08/23/21 | Mandana

Quite dry and kittens don't like it

This food is pretty dry, I had to mix in some water. The can is very full, which is a good thing but there isn't enough jelly for the content so it's mostly very dry. My 8-9 months old kittens didn't really like any of the flavours much. It might be the texture or just their taste of course.

Good taste (apparently) and good quality

It has been so hard to find a reasonably priced high meat content cat food and I have been so happy to find this and my kitten loves it! So much so we are having to go buy a slow feeder for her!
05/22/21 | Patricia Alderman

Purrfect in every way

My ten week old kitten has no complaints about this food. She obviously enjoys it and there has been no issues with her tummy whatsoever. It's palatable and easy for her to eat (she previously left the chunks in a pouch brand). I keep the opened tin covered and in the fridge. I am in favour of recycling the tins instead of throwaway pouches. Importantly it contains good nutrition for her growth and well being.
05/12/21 | Nadine Daniel

Kitten loves it, unfortunately so do all our adult cats!

Our kitten (now six months old) really enjoys this. She developed diarrhoea shortly after she arrived, and wasn't keen on the high quality dry food she came with. tried a couple of products, but this is the one she loves and loves her! Only complaint is the absence of the mixed pack in the large (24x200grm), which means I'm having to buy the individual flavours as 3x6x2oogrms

Really nice

Very nice food, pleasant smell and ca really like it. Unfortunately food doesn't look so good the next day, and doesn't smell that good too.

Didn’t agree with kitten, other cats found it unpalatable

Well tried this a few times with my kitten over 4 months. He’s not a fan of the taste/texture. Also he’s gotten diarrhoea after each time eating it. Other adult cats that eat anything won’t touch it.
01/14/21 | Twilightsiren85

Kitten loves it!

Really impressed with this product, the chicken and veal one smells yummy. Really pleased with the mix of ingredients and the high real meat content. The price is fantastic for what it is. My cat is always impressed which is the main thing. I like that they are cans and not pouches, seems for environmentally efficient. I use a tin half a tin at a time and use tin covers to keep from drying out for the rest of the day. Would defintley recommend.
01/12/21 | Sasha

Desirable Kitten Wet Food

Trying to find my ragdoll girl some wet food she likes, she seems to accept this one with no problem. Turkey ones being her favourite!

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