10/05/21 | Irene Anne Llewellin

Purchased as one cat overweight and all 3 love it

Always buy the oral care turkey and as one cat is overweight purchased this to help him but all three cats love it

10/08/20 | Brian Barrett

Contented Cat

Completely satisfying for a demanding middle-aged cat. Excellent service.

02/04/20 | Dave bridle

My cats food

Absolutely superb service ordered monday delivered tuesday can't thankyou enough. Many thanks A+++++

01/10/20 | Brian Spiller

Good product.Great delivery time.

My elderly cat (17) loves the light food and as she has few teeth the small size is ideal for her. She also has wet food at alternate meals. Delivery fantastic---came almost before I ordered!!!

08/23/18 | Dawn Romero

My cat is obsessed

My cat cries all day for these. He can't get enough of them. They must taste amazing!


My cat thinks it is wonderful!

My cat loves this. However, he is so greedy that he would just keep eating it until he overflows! By using it in conjunction with a Slimcat feeding ball, he has lost weight from 7.5Kg to 6.2Kg (his ideal weight) over a 12 month period. His coat is glossy and he is the picture of health - no tree is too high! Thank you.

12/16/17 | Rogue Sunshine

A cat who hated dry food LOVES this

Was drawn to this product because of its natural ingredients and it's made in Britain so support for our economy and carbon emissions are lower. Didn't realise my cat would Adore the product too! She usually turns her nose up at dry, preferring wet food but will leave wet food to eat this. 100% best food buy for her ever!

04/10/17 | Susan Leach


I bought this for my cat with food allergies who couldn't keep any food down and had terrible diarrhoea. Had tried almost every food out there. She is so much better than she has ever been. My vet thinks the combination of very low fat content with hypoallergenic is why it works. My other cat loves it too so no problems with the poorly cat eating food that is bad for her.

06/08/14 | Janet Charlesworth

Great biscuits.

I bought these as my cats were a little overweight. They have definitely worked and the cats love them.

02/05/14 | Anna

great for chubby cats

My cat puts on weight really easily so this feed is great. He loves the combination of turkey and rice. Good quality!

02/05/14 | R. B.

Sensitive Persian

Our Persian cat Ruby has always had skin problems and we have tried all kinds of derivative-free foods. Since Ruby started eating and loving it, she has had no recurrence of her allergy. Our other cat Mosely loves it too.

02/05/14 | Sam


A dry cat food that all my cats love and is good for them and at a decent price too, what more could anyone want.

02/05/14 | Joan

No more itching

My cat has a real issue with itchy, dry skin to the point that she was scratching off some of her fur. A friend recommended James Wellbeloved cat food and I am happy to report a massive improvement. And she really seems to enjoy the taste. A good product.

02/03/14 | Sandra

delicious cat food

Our cat loves this food. I think probably the best part is the cranberries...delicious! And ideal for tubby cats.