04/27/18 | Bobby azad

Cats love it

Great food

06/23/13 | tania

so glad i tried this...

we have alot of cats and have gone from brands on offer at the supermarket or local pet stores... after coming across this online store i am so grateful for the money saved!it is so much cheaper!! this dry cat food is so much better for us than the usual i have brought.. most importantly without sounding course..the cats poos do not smell as much as with other food! five stars and will be a regular customer from now on. thank you!

09/06/12 | Jenney

Old or Young all very Happy

I started buying Sanabelle about 6 months ago when my cat population increased from 2 to 4. I have 2 17yr old female cats one very fussy with a sensitive digestive system and 2 male cats just over a year old and full of life. All 4 cats love Sanabelle and all 4 have good coats and teeth. The poultry version also helps to maintain the weight of the 2 older and less active cats. I suggest you give it a try I'm sure you and your cats won't be dissappointed.



i picked up my 2 cats from the street, therefore they had every kind of problems regarding their digestion. i had to give them royal canine intestinal (veterinary diet) first, when the acute problems went away, followed with royal canine fit 32 but this was too expensive, so tried sanabelle. and it was the best choice! now they are healthy, they don't get fat, and they always eat this food (tried also orijen, but they would not even try it...)! i recommend it to every cat owner (and to every cat :))

04/03/11 | Cridgey

very,very pleased.

Since my cats have been eating this,( about 5 weeks now), their eyes have brightened and the dandruff on my black cat has cleared up. I am really impressed plus the cats always eat it all, great stuff.

11/29/10 | Peter and Louise.

yummy, yummy - evidently !

we've got 6 cats and all of them love a nice big plate of Sanabelle. No waste and well priced for an obviously high quality produce.