12/21/21 | Donna Korkut


My 12 year old male has been suffering with arthritis for about 12 months now that’s for me to know of and even though he was on a good quality diet the royal canine range and good quality wet food.But since Changing to this I’ve seen such an improvement his once dull coat is so soft & shiny he is a much more lively cat & sleeping a lot less than he was I’m also feeding this to my 11 year old.just love zoo plus such excellent choices and value for money.Many thank from me & my 4 fur babies .xx

01/22/18 | Mrs Wiltshire/UK

British Blue With Bad Joints

This food has worked really well for our Brit, he is only three years old but has bad joints and already needed an operation. Tried Hills J/D first as it was excellent for a previous cat with arthritis due to old age but the pellets were too small for the huge British Blue jaws so the food just kept falling out of his mouth but RC Mobility works and he can eat it properly and is thriving under the circumstances. Highly recommend this food.


Keeping Barney Bouncing!

My 12yr old cat has elbow arthritis and having fed this diet for the last 6mths have found it to be very effective in assisting his general mobility and well being and reducing his need of NSAIDs for pain.It is also v.palatable ..as Barney will tell you x