Smells awful but the cat likes it!

Our British Shorthair, Trixie was having severe vomiting and diarrhoea and the vet recommended this to treat IBD. She’s been eating this for two weeks and has had zero instances of gastric distress. I was worried that Trixie would not touch it because it smells so grim but she took to it straight away - much to our amazement. Great results so far, fingers crossed that this will sort out her tummy problems.
05/16/21 | Marie Cronin

My cat stopped vomiting but developed severe diarrhoea

My cat was vomiting for months on RC gastrointestinal, so after lots of tests the vets said food intolerance and put her on this. After 4 weeks on it she gradually developed severe diarrhea, so it's back to the vets, and I have her back on just Chicken breasts to maintain her
03/05/21 | Kasandra

Has made my cat sick for weeks

I’ve tried everything with this food.. gradually introducing it. Mixed about 15 grains of this with my cats normal dry food and he has been sick and has diarrhoea. We tried this same food a few months ago and the same thing happened. This is meant to be a hypoallergenic food and it seems toxic. My cat is less sick eating dreamies! We are sticking with his Purina hypoallergenic.

Amazing product

My cat has always had digestive issues and problems with her stools, I've fed her this and the size is reduced, the smell has reduced, the size and consistency have all improved, 1 happy cat and 1 happy owner now
01/21/21 | Anne Hunt

Madam Kesi

My Bengal cat had a lot of problems with her bowels being very very loose and. Very smelly, After going through test etc. It was suggested that we use this dry food, since then normal faeces and much Less smelly. I now have a happy cat. She still remains vocal and bossy but then we are her staff.
11/03/19 | Rey Blue

Cured constant diarrhea

My cat has always had either soft or liquid stools since we got her, this is the only food that seemed to do the trick and now she has solid poops! I guess this means she’s allergic to something in normal cat food.

Very happy

My cat loves this produced and his coat has improved so much that he doesn't need to see vet so often .

Helped improve skin and fur

My vet recommended this for my longhaired black cat, who suffers from dermatitis. Although she still scratches and overgrooms, her skin is much improved and her fur is in better condition than ever, soft and glossy. She also enjoys the taste, so I will continue feeding her this indefinitely.

good for feline Pancreatitis

My 14 year old cat Doppel was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis which could include underlying IBD and/or food intolerances. The vet recommended hydrolysed food (along with pancreatic enzyme meds) but my cat prefers dry food and wouldn't eat HILLS z/d tinned food. Doppel has taken to this food with enthusiasm and has put back some of the weight he's lost and his itchy skin has improved. Huge relief. Phoned Royal Canin to ask if there was a wet equivalent but unfortunately not yet developed .
10/18/18 | RC

Worked for my cat

My poor British Shorthair was self-harming (over grooming and scratching) for more than a year and despite many vet visits and no small expense, it was suggested I put her on an elimination diet using this product. After 6 weeks, she was "cured" and she's now on it permanently. I'd give it 10/10 if I could.

not right for my moggy

sadly one of my cats has suffered with vomiting and diarrhoea with this. The other one seems fine
12/30/17 | Paul T

My cat keeps throwing up

I changed to this due to good feedback as i was previously on Hills ZD which changed formula. Well after a slow integration to this stuff my cat keeps throwing up. Thought i would persist but the same thing keeps happening every day..Changing back to ZD. Be careful. Its not for everyone and the reviews dont reflect this!
12/03/16 | Dr McFarlane MRCVS

Resolved diarrhoea and much more energetic!

I have always recommended this to my clients. Got to try it myself on a stray cat I'm fostering at the moment. No more diarrhoea and playing again like a kitten. The key difference with this diet is the hydrolysed protein as opposed to just exclusion of wheat etc. The proteins are broken down by heat so that when they cross the gut they don't bind to receptors in the same way. A very simplistic explaination but my understanding of how it works.


After various vet visits and tests, steroids, antibiotics etc. My cat was put on this diet. Since I started using this my cat has made a complete recovery, no more irratible bowel problems.


After various vet visits and tests, steroids, antibiotics etc. My cat was put on this diet. Since I started using this my cat has made a complete recovery, no more irratible bowel problems.
11/28/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

No more diarrhoea!!

After trying four other types of cat food we have finally solved the problems our 8 month old cat was having with constant diarrhoea. Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal is the only food that doesn't give him the runs! It must be tasty because my other two cats who don't have problems with allergies also love to eat it.
11/26/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

No more dermatitis!

My 5 year old cat Micia began to be covered with scabs and was scratching furiously. Since he's been on this dry food his skin and hair is perfectly wonderful. He also drinking a lot more, but if you remember to leave out fresh water all the time then it's not a problem.
11/18/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

Ok, but strange side effect

My cat (8 years old) began to pull out the hair on his belly by licking too much, then his legs, then thighs. The vet said it might be stress, so I tried starting the Hypoallergenic diet D25 - about 90 grams per day. Things are improving a bit but I find he also drinks a lot more that before (urine and stools are normal). Is it possible that the product might be causing more thirst?
09/19/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

No more itchiness!

My Carthusian suffers from dermatitis but since I started following this diet his problem is greatly reduced! The results are not seen immediately and need a bit of time, but the food helps a lot! My other cat also loves to eat this kibble even though he has no health problems, they both have their own bowls but they always switch so there's nothing I can do to stop them!
05/01/14 | originally published in zooplus.it

Cat with allergies

This is a brilliant product!

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