02/27/22 | Cherie Rayner

Wonderful Food

I have been nursing one of my cats, who had a mystery illness. She went entirely off her food and (already fussy & tiny) was wasting away. I was syringe feeding her to keep her alive but she refused solid food. Until I bought this. Not that I've tried it! But it is, quite clearly, highly tasty and must smell really good to cats. She wolfed into it and from that moment there was no stopping her. She is now well on the way to full recovery, putting on lots of healthy weight. I highly recommend it.

12/11/21 | Debbie Butterworth

Royal Canin savour sensations

I have purchased this product for a long time for my cat who is now 12 as she has a sensitive tummy,she has no problems with this product and she has these biscuits every day.

07/12/21 | elaine oxborrow

fussy cat

excellent i have the most fussy cat anyone could have. But she loves these biscuits. As a food great no mess.

01/11/21 | Diana Reynolds-Hale

They all love it!

This dry food is so good. All my cats of various ages in great condition and the service from Zooplus is outstanding. Their prices are very good compared to other suppliers as well. Could not recommend more!

10/13/20 | Taylor-Mae Atkinson

My cat won't eat anything but these!

My cat deliberately enjoys the most expensive kibble, he refuses anything but Royal Canin and is the archetype of "Fussy"

01/16/20 | Gill Mitchell

Express delivery!

I ordered the sack of cat kibble late on a Tuesday evening and it arrived on the Thursday morning. I am always amazed at how quickly my orders from Zooplus are delivered.

10/08/19 | Z. Richards

Cats enjoying it

Usually buy RC Persian and have been for years but recently noticed that they've gone off eating it so decided to try a few different RC flavours and this one seems to be going down a treat, the kibble is quite small too which is purrrfect for the Persians. My moggies are also enjoying it. Had to order a bigger bag :) Usual quick delivery from Zooplus, thank you 👍🏻

06/14/19 | pammy

royal canin savour

my cats love this dry food and zooplus is the best place to get it .placed order thursday delivered friday .


Fussy cats

I have three fussy cats and a neighbour's fussy cat and all of them love this product. Ages range from 3 to 12. Thoroughly recommend.


Brilliant product!

One of my Maine Coons is not particular about cat biscuits so I decided to try her on these! She loves them! And now, in fact, she's also eating some of the other Royal Canin Maine Coon and Indoor Long Hair biscuits that I put down!

02/06/17 | Susan Lloyd

Best flavour

Both my cats love Royal Canine, only food they both will eat. Exigent flavour is their favorite

02/06/17 | Susan Lloyd

My cats favourite

Royal Canine dry food suits both of my cats. This flavour is the only one both of my cats like.

02/05/17 | Susan curness

Love it!!

My fussy cats really like this product

09/21/15 | Beth taylor

My cats love it!!

I will start by saying I actually don't like royal canin as a company so would prefer not to buy their products!(they don't reply to emails & aren't helpful at all, hills on the other hand are v helpful) but after hills discontinued natures best & trying unsuccessfully with other food that they just didn't like, I decided to try this!& they love it & wolf it down so I guess I'm stuck with royal canin!! Fab food, not so fab company!

05/03/15 | Sue P

Perfect for Fussy cats

This kibble does what it says on the tin - it's perfect for fussy cats, and that is exactly what I am on the owner of! My cats love this kibble, although not both of them are supposed to be eating it, one is meant to be on a diet, however, it smells and tastes so good (so they tell me) neither can resist it!


Fusspot cat

I continue to order Royal Canin Exigent food for fussy cats as my cat loves it, he will turn his nose up at lots of other foods to the point of going hungry so it's good to know he will enjoy something even though I still try him out with other food as well.

07/22/14 | Philip from London


My cat Blakey baby is a very fussy British Blue. I have tried him on all varieties and costs of kibble, from supermarket to the veterinary clinic. Hills Science Plan, Purina ONE, James Well beloved - you name it, I have tried him on it. He really enjoys the Royal Canine EXIGENT fussy cats and for the first time ever in the 5 yrs i have had Blake, there is an empty bowl. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

06/28/14 | lynn


I have two four year old maine coons. They went off the Royal Canin Sensitive so have spent the past few months trying them on every single food on the supermarket shelf, and I mean everything. I must have spent (wasted) hundreds of pounds on foods, wet and dry, that they just turned their noses up. They have been losing weight, their coats were looking shabby and the male has had terrible tummy problems, top and bottom and stud tail (even though he is neutered). Buying this food, after a bit of online research, was the best thing I ever did. They LOVE it. Eat the lot and keep wandering over to their bowl for more. In one week all tummy problems have totally cleared up, stud tail has completely gone (never realised that could be diet related) and their coats are already looking amazing, soft and shiny. If you are having a problem finding a good food your cats will love then buy this (and/or the aromatic. I highly recommended, it has saved me so much worry and probably a hefty vets bill.

06/03/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

very good

My little one only eats dry food and loves Royal Canin dry food. At the moment I am sticking with this variety and also British Shorthair food.

05/11/14 | originally published in zooplus.de


I've got 3 cats. Two are 11 years old and one is 6. This is the only dry food they'll eat. They don't like any other brands. But I don't know a single cat that would say no to this food.