10/31/21 | Nana

My cat doesn’t eat :(

After the last vet visit he had to lose weight. I discussed with an advisor from Royal canin and this was suggested. He was eating for the first week or so when it was still mixed with his old food but after it was completely switched he doesn’t eat.

03/25/15 | Amanda Sloan

My Cat Has Put More Weight On With This Food!

I have been feeding my overweight cat this royal canin food for a while and he really likes it but i was horrified when i took him to the vet to discover that instead of him losing weight, which i was convinced he had, he has actually put even more weight on!:he has gained nearly an extra 1kg in weight since i started feeding him the royal canin light and i am very disappointed as i have followed the measurements feeding guide on the back of the packet. I used to feed him royal canin sensible 33 which is what caused my cat to put on weight initially so i switched to the light and discussed this with my vet.I am dismayed that my cat hasn,t lost any weight and has put even more on with the light food.