05/07/22 | Kat Barlow

Kibble is too big... Recipes have changed...

I've been a loyal Zooplus Customer for many years. All 4 of my cats used to adore all of the Purizon flavours, it was my go-to brand... Wild Freedom too. Now the recipe for both brands seems to have changed & the kibble is really large like dog food. It's far too big for my cats, I spent ages cutting the kibble into smaller pieces for them but they don't even seem to like the taste anymore. Ingredients not as good quality as before. Such a shame. I will have to look for something else. :(
04/02/22 | Lily

My cats love it but

My two Maine Coon cats love the food. They can’t get enough. But Purizon is out of order for a while and I have to change to a different brand. My cats refuse to eat any other brand so end up I have to throw away many good quality food. I feel sad that to see my cats are not happy.
03/15/22 | Wilma Cooper

Purizon Dry Cat Food

Very fast delivery and a good transaction. My cat loves these crunchies and can't leave them alone. So it must be a very good product. I'm well pleased with the order and delivery and the price is very reasonable. Thank you.
09/19/21 | Stupid cat servant

It really should say beef & chicken d FISH

Admittedly it's mostly my fault for not double Checking the ingredients I just a summed via other none fish in title bags that there was no fish in this. My cat can't handle fish and I've been feeding this to him for mo ths and wondering why he'd lost weight and recently he's been liquid out of both ends and now I know why. Please be careful

Well intended product, but my 4 cats have diarrhea for 1 month

I bought this because I can't find OptimaNova in the UK anymore. Sadly the ingredients, not sure which one, causes diarrhea to my cats, even though food was gradually introduced. 4/4 cats had problems in the toilet, so I had to throw the 8kg bag away.


My two cats love the beef and chicken one. They choose to eat it first, before their wet food which is new! They seem to really fill up on it, and they eat less of their wet food than they used to. Definitely worth trying if you are considering a new dry food for yours.
04/07/21 | Erika

Cats like it

I was a little worried my 4 cats will not eat it, but they do. We usually buy other variants. I have bought the testing packages some time ago and they liked all except the fish ones so I risked it. And all of them prefer this over the old food (also because it is new). It has bigger pieces and smells different (not as much as the fish ones). It is similar to the other ones - not completely dry.
01/18/21 | Anne

four cats refuse to eat this

My cats always eat Purizon Lamb & Purizon chicken but all refuse this one. I have persevered for weeks but they seem prepared to go without food rather than eat this variety. For me, it is a waste of money as the bag will be thrown out


My Siamese cats love this food! The ingredients are very good and they only need a little each day. It looks delicious and they are full of energy, and their coats are so glossy now. Amazing.

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