07/13/22 | Terry Houiellebecq

My cats loved it but caused diarrhoea for one of them

I was so pleased to see this product available again since both my cats loved it in the past. However, this time around one of my cats (a ginger tabby) developed severe diarrhoea. She is rather tubby and had great difficulty cleaning herself. It was quite stressful for her. I stopped feeding it and went back to Royal Cannin for BSH (they actually like the larger biscuits!) and all is fine again. I now only use Purizon as a topper for their wet food.

Something has changed and it's not good

Loved these previously but after a short period of being out of stock they've returned with different packaging and the biscuits have changed. They absolutely stink now and my cats have been non stop pooping and both are not well. I bought 2 big bags so I wouldn't run out if there were any more stock issues and I'm going to have to bin the lot now.
10/28/21 | EK

My cats' favourite

My two indoor cats love fish and have quite sensitive stomachs. This food seems perfect for them and they're very happy with it. It has a definite fish scent, like anchovies, and the ingredients list and protein content is admirable. I'm happy with it and the cats are healthy and satisfied.
09/21/21 | Aiste

Big packaging

Bigger sizes has disappeared,very disappointed.
09/02/21 | Ewa

Changed Recipe

I have been buying the purizonFish variety for years, my cats favourite dry food. About a year ago they’ve completely changed the product - different texture, no fish aroma, and judging by my cats reaction, completely different taste - my cats refuse to eat it now. Switched to TasteOfTheWild.
08/26/21 | Ewa

Completely changed

Congratulations to the manufacturer - you have completely ruined a great product (PurizonFish)- it now has different texture, absolutely no fish aroma, and no taste judging from my cats’ reaction. It used to be an absolute favourite in my household but about a year ago the purizonFish has completely changed as a product - for the worse, unfortunately (only the packaging hasn’t changed). I will now be buying from different manufacturer.
06/11/21 | David


My rag dolls cats won’t eat it, they throw up after eating

Finally a cat food with grain free and high quality ingredient

My cats were on hills and was bad for them with low ingredient ! I find purison with high quality ingredient and my cats love it especially the fish smell one !

Wish cat liked this

In theory this food should be great; I bought it because of the hight quality ingredients. Unfortunately cat just refuses to eat eat it :-(
03/01/18 | Pam

Ragdoll favourite

Our Ragdoll loves this it’s the only food he eats. I’m glad it’s got such good ingredients as he was previously an Iams cat.
01/21/18 | jayd


my cat loves this and pesters me for more...constantly!!!!
07/28/17 | Jennifer

Really wanted to love this

Great ingredients and price point and my cat happily eats it but she throws it up in chunks. She never throws up...
06/26/17 | K. Wilson

My cats are hooked on this!

My cats get a helping of this at bedtime, and they love it so much that they keep trying to shepherd me off to bed earlier and earlier in the evening!
04/28/17 | Victoria Jones

Best cat food ever

Have cats with fussy appetites and very delicate tummys which is so not good with ragdolls and their furry bottoms im sure you know what I mean. Tried a grain free pouch from jw and that helped but not entirely ,tried a few dry grain free but they just did not like it so ordered Purizon fish and wow they love it and so do the cats tummies,oddly every pack smells slightly different some very hard to stand but others much better however overall very very happy with this

Amazing dry food!

Excellent quality food at a very good price. All my cats gradually start to eat only this one.I can notice a difference on their coat and they don't have digestion problems any more!

My cats both love these!

Really pleased with this product, both of my cats love the fish variety, which is great for the fussy one as I've been trying to get him onto a grain free diet and found that he's not so keen on other types. The kibble size is fine, some others are so big and heavy that about 12 biccies is their total daily allowance! I also like that they come in 400g bags as they get fed up of larger ones before they're a third finished. I will be ordering the other flavours next.


Wow!! That is what I thought upon opening this bag, you could tell it had a very high fish content which is good however my cats never seemed overly impressed they don't eat it as fast as some of the other dry foods I have been trying them with, also it made my room absolutely stink so it got relegated to an area of the flat with a better air flow around it. I won't be buying this again.

chicken and fish

Kibble size on this is very small more suitable gorgeous kittens or small cats. However my big Bengal boy loved them
06/08/14 | Ayesha Foot

Great little bikkies

One of my Maine Coons had to have all his teeth out because of severe gingivitis. He can no longer eat the big Maine Coon biscuits and had difficulty picking up most other kinds. Then I found Purizon, which he can lick up. He loves them and is looking really well.

chicken and fish

Kibble size on this is very small more suitable gorgeous kittens or small cats. However my big Bengal boy loved them

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