02/12/21 | Caroline Cockwell

All my cats love this and seem to be doing well on it.

Having tried the large majority of dry cat food and having quite a few cats I wanted to offer good quality without breaking the bank. I have Siamese, Orientals and Birmans with age ranges from 2 to 17yrs old and it is impossible to feed separate meals for each cat so needed a good all round food. All my cats loved this and ignored the original food. I have some seriously fussy cats. Also no one gorged this food then promptly did projectile vomiting as has happened in the past with some brands.

10/14/15 | SueW

A hit with my cats

My cats love this food, can't rate it high enough, we used to have them on another we'll know brand until their prices were getting higher, and now I've found the perfect replacement in this food, when we buy a new addition, it is now fed on the kitten quality and then onto this adult food with no bad change overs, so as long as they keep their prices affordable, then this is the food they'll stay on.

06/09/15 | Nita Skae

Unfortunately a NO for rice

My cat has many allergies. Having discovered she was allergic to many foods after paying for expensive blood tests as she was eating herself - meaning she was always nibbling away at her fur and skin and producing bald patches. I have to search this site continually to see if they offer anything that is suitable. I have four cats. The others are ok health-wise so it is difficult to find a food that is suitable for all without having to sit with them and make sure I pick up one and put down another. They all love this one, but, unfortunately, it contains rice, therefore I must continue my search.

04/05/12 | pn

The only food for cats!

my one year old was not particularly fussy when we got her but over the last few months since moving onto the adult purina dry food - she has turned up her nose at all the wet food that we offer as treats and only wants this dry food. Perfect sized pieces and her coat is gorgeous and silky.

08/05/11 | Lynda


Ordered the 7.5kg size, arrived quickly with no problems. good price on Zooplus, and free P&P, a website I have used before and will use again. Have 2 cats that love this food.

02/20/09 | Gillian Russell

All time favourite

My 4 cats love Proplan. Salmon and chicken are their favourites. It is the only cat food that all 4 eat so I always have some out for them. Wonderful

10/18/08 | jacqui

cant live without this food

4 years ago canned can food was the bane of my life - yuk! My 3 fussy cats love all the flavours but salmon is the favourite. Its much cheaper on zooplus than the supermarkets and i can put it out and leave it all day if needed. They all thrive on this.