12/12/21 | George

Helpful product

Very good treatment against diarrhoea on cats. My cats love this dry food.
06/19/21 | Lucy M

Has worked really well for us!

One of our Siberian cats developed loose stools and we couldn't figure out why or how to resolve it. She was also toileting outside her litter box. We were given various antibiotics and fibre clay powders to settle her tummy, but nothing helped. Our vet recommended this food which has made a huge difference. She now has consistent toilet habits and goes inside the litter tray. Would definitely recommend considering this food alongside your vet's advice for tummy issues.
02/07/21 | Marilyn Dawson

Much improved on the Gastrointestinal Biome

One of my Siamese has IBD which over the last year was getting progressively worse. The vet recommended the Hills Gastrointestinal, a steroid jab and kaolin. This worked for a few months then I saw this product so brought a trial bag and what a difference. As a result the diarrhoea and the odour has declined somewhat to a more manageable condition, long may it continue.
09/20/20 | Denise

Big improvement

I’ve seen a massive improvement with my cat with IBD
09/14/20 | Michelle

Amazing results!

My 14 year old Ragdoll cat suddenly developed diarrhoea and lost a lot of weight. After numerous tests, all negative, repeated antibiotics and steroid prescriptions, my vet was at a loss. She asked me to try this Biome food. Although it says only feed this food, my cat also ate the Applaws wet food and Hill’s kidney food that my other Ragdoll has. Within 2 days her diarrhoea improved and within 4 days was almost gone! She has been eating it for 3 months now she is back to normal! Amazing!
09/01/20 | Jemima & Jericho

Perfect Poops!

My cat had also been suffering from poor bowel movements (runny & bit bloody) after using a local grain free brand I found out a neighbouring cat who was on the same food experienced the same issues, his owner switched to the digestive version of Hills Prescription - I thought I would give my cat a super boost with the Biome version - it was an instant success. His poops are perfectly normal. My only regret is leaving it so long before switching brands.
07/14/20 | Louise

Really awful food for my ibd cat

I decided to give this food a go due to positive reviews and recommendation from my vet for my 4 year old cat with ibd . The food did not agree with him at all and left him with worse Foul smelling diarrhoea then his ever had before and my other cats who are healthy with no problems that ate the food also, ended up with putrid awful smelling stools. Not sure why it didn’t agree with them I transitioned the food slowly. I was hoping for good things from this but no awful stuff!
05/29/20 | Stephen

Completely sorted my cats problems

My cat has struggled with poor bowel movements for such a long time and we tried so many different foods. The vet eventually recommended hills prescription biome as it had worked so well on another cat. Within a week all her problems are sorted and she is so much happier . She also loves the food!

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