05/02/22 | Darena

Changed formula, cat has constant diarrhoea

They have changed the formula not just the packet. My cat used to tolerate the old version but he can’t eat the new version because he gets constant diarrhoea from it, I don’t know what they have changed but the new formula triggers sensitivities.

04/16/22 | Samantha

I pray others read this before ordering

My cat has been on zd biscuits for 3 years as he has had chronic pancreatitis and triaditis he's incredibly sensitive and needs to keep to what we know, I did my usual order of them and when they turned up I noticed the packaging was different I thought surely they wouldn't change a biscuit for sensitive cats without a HUGE warning Nope apparently they have one very poorly cat and a vet trip thankfully I used good sense to immediately take him off the biscuits! Why do this to sensitive cats!


Stopped sickness and diarrhoea

We spent nearly £700 with various tests at the vets to find out why my cat suddenly had sickness and diarrhoea. As a last resort after trying everything except invasive surgery, the vet suggest a hydrolysed diet. We didn’t think it would work after trying various diet changes over the previous weeks but this cat food stopped the problem within a week. We’ve got our old cat back now and so glad we were able to find the cause.

12/15/21 | Zanell

Stuck with new food formulation

This is quite disappointing. My cat has been on ZD for 10 years without any issues. Switched over and been flaring up since. Not I have to look for another food and manage her poor itchy skin again :(

12/03/21 | Kim B

Hill’s what did you do to your z/d recipe?

Cat with food allergies ( derm & gastro) on old formulation for years - absolutely no problems. Recently started new formula - he’s basically now a papular itch with whiskers! Even the cat without ever having allergies has developed severe itching around neck & ears! Hills - what did you do? Both will be switched to RC this week.


New formula makes cats sick

Used old z/d formula with no issue, now new formula after a week or two cats are vomiting daily due to it. (Indoor cats no other changes to environment or diet) Avoid activbiome+ formula

11/08/21 | Linda Phillips

Perfect solution for allergies

One of my cats has been on ZD dry food for about 3 years. She loves them. She also takes Apoquel tablets from the vets to suopress the urge to scratch. She is able to eat most regular wet foods as long as she has these biscuits. My other cat thinks they are treats when she finds a stray one lying around. She transitioned easily onto the new formula without any problems.


Solved the problem

My elderly cat had issues with food. We feed her wet food in the evening and dry the rest of the time. She would vomit after eating everything. We tried changing her food, cutting down on it but nothing worked until someone recommended Hill's Prescription Food. We still feed her one sachet of wet food a day but the rest of the time she has this or the Dental version (which oddly she seems to prefer). No problems since. Worth the money in my view.

08/25/21 | Angela McGrane

Now contains fish oil

The old formulation was the only hydrolysed diet I could find which had absolutely no fish in it, as this seems to be what makes my cat ill. Unfortunately the new “improved” formula now contains fish oil. Despite following the advice to transition slowly I once again have an ill cat and am back searching for something she can eat without vomiting. Be very careful of the new version if your cat has any sensitivity to fish.


Food allergies

My cat has been on z/d for the last 8years due to food allergies pretty much to every protein possible but suddenly he developed runny diarrhoea/every day.Vet 90%sure is IBD..now in a process to find the right diet and cooking.Nothing to be jealous of.

07/20/21 | Aida

Best food for cats with sensitive stomach

Our cat use to vomit and diarrhea blood as she has very sensitive stomach. Ever since we put her on a strict diet of z/d dried food, she has been great. I wood recommended to all cat owners that have similar issues. The price discounts at ZOOPLUS are a great help.


Our cat loves it

This food seems to have solved our cat’s skin issues, and she absolutely loves it, so it’s a win-win. Added bonus - it smells like Bisto gravy!!

05/01/21 | Linda Phillips

My cat loves them

One of my kitties was put on this by our vet because of her allergies. She really enjoys them and our other cat will try and eat them too if we're not careful. It's such a relief to find a dry food that suits my cat's special needs which she also enjoys. Her coat is also in excellent condition.

03/28/21 | Katie


I have a ragdoll cat with a very sensitive stomach and subsequently develops foul smelling watery diarrhoea with normal cat food which is a bit of nightmare given how fluffy she is! However I have now been using this food for years and have no further problems with gas or diarrhoea so would highly recommend.


Excellent product!

My cat has severe food allergies and is unable to tolerate any food except Hill's z/d. Furthermore, she loves it!


Bring back former recipe!

Wonderful for years, then came the recipe change (why?). Build up of new recipe resulted in a very sick cat and a 2k vet bill! Still trying to find one that will help and be as good as the original ZD.

12/02/20 | Kathleen Lane

Fab food

My cat had diarrhoea and very loose stools and our vet did all sorts of tests which all came back negative. She thought it could be food related. So decided to put her on this food. It took about 8 weeks to settle but since then she has had normal stools and hasn’t looked back.

11/02/20 | Wayne

My cat is allergic to cat food

We have been using this for a number of years now after being recommended it by our vets after we found out a cat we adopted was allergic to cat food. He was very thin had constant diarrhea but as soon as we gave him this he had normal stools and started gaining weight. Vets suggested we could try to wean him off it slowly as it is obviously more expensive than standard cat food but as soon as we give more than a small amount of normal cat food he get diarrhea within twelve hours again.

09/17/20 | Kelly


After much switching of different cat foods to alleviate my 10 yr old cat excessive itching if face and ears with brown wax constantly in ears I took to and recommended to switch to this prescription diet. Within 2 weeks continuous vomiting and diahrrea with this food. Cats are finicky and hopefully can get her back on at least the old food so She doesn’t go into kidney or liver failure. Don’t feed this crap unless you want to kill your cat!


cat needs this

my needs this has prescribed by vet cant get hold of this find it here at a good price helps my cats allergies to