04/20/22 | Diana

Great product

My cat has been under the weather and so off his food. He could not wait for the packet to be opened. Such a relief. I only give him biscuits to graze on during the day as he mostly eats wet cat food.

10/17/07 | Nikki Curren

Excellent cat food

Iams is always a name you can trust, but this food is tops in my book. My black cat's coat is amazingly shiny and so so soft. I put him on this food because he needed to gain weight, it's a little bit higher in fats and calories than regular food, so may not be for overweight cats, but it did the trick for him, and he loves it.

10/20/06 | Jo Parker

The best cat food around

This is the best cat food I have ever found, it has high qualitly ingredients which reflects in my cats glossy coats, shiny healthy teeth and of course, happy healthy cats (I have 3 cats). The only problem: it is a real pain to get hold of! It is hardly not stocked anywhere, hard to find and it's getting harder, I have a sneaky feeling it will be no longer available soon enough.