01/01/22 | Angela Girdlestone

Felix soup

My two cats can’t get enough of this soup. So I need to keep a good supply of it.
08/27/21 | Helen

My fussy cat eats it very well

My fussy cat eats it very well. I add it into other wet food making more moisturising.
06/22/21 | Graham Pryme

Wonderful for a fussy or poorly cat

My old 18 year old puss "Alfie" would not eat or drink anything and was very dehydrated. I tried this product and it has transformed his appetite and health. I would recommend a try of this if you are having cat eating problems and also the price is the best out there. No more shopping in "Rain Forests" from now on!!!
02/17/21 | Anoushka’s Maid

Fussy cat

My princess is a total misery to feed. However my eureka moment came when I bought this and mashed it into her normal wet food. Now she cannot just lick the gravy/jelly leaving the meat on her plate.
01/03/21 | Zoe

No need to wash the bowl

Cats literally inhaled it
11/10/20 | Rosie

Great alternative for cats who just lick off the jelly/gravy!

One of my cats (Bear) had decided to start licking the jelly off his wet food, leaving the meat and only eating (high quality) dry food. I admit, I bought the soup as a bit of a joke not expecting Bear would eat it - but he loves it! There isn't much meat and it is in smaller chunks so he licks them up with the soup broth. It saves on waste and it gets some tasty fluids into him. I am now sold on keeping these as a suppliment to his dry food so that he has something tasty to look forward to.
11/07/20 | EeyoresButterfly

Can't get enough of them!

My Ragdoll kitten, Anakin goes totally bonkers over these. He loves more liquid to solid in this foods and these fit the bill perfectly as a mid day snack for him. As soon as I pick up the sachet he starts meowing and sits by his food mat waiting for his soup to arrive!

Love it!

Must be like cat candy! All my cats love it. Don’t know how good it is for them but as a treat and to hide meds it’s puuurfect!
06/25/20 | Helen

Cats love them

Both my cats adore these. One only eats dry food ( his choice) but laps these up in seconds. The other one eats wet food but still gets one of these a day as a treat and as she doesn’t drink a lot I like to think it’s helping in that respect. Would highly recommend and my cats prefer these than the higher priced brands of soup.

Good value for money

My cats have enjoyed the fish soup from Felix and also the meat soup. It looks just like you would have cooked it yourself, great for Dieters and adding to other meals to give some liquids. If your cat doesn't drink much, this is one way of getting more fluids in them.

A real treat

Spoil your cats silly with this soup, so far other brands have produced soups with a small amount of meat in them, this is like a fish broth with a big chunk of meat in it. My cats have loved it, although 1 sachet isn't enough as a meal, but as one of my cats are on a diet, its perfect for him.

Great for fussy cats with medical issues

I love this, my fussy ragdoll cat has chicken allergies. Its so bad he has associated eating with pain. This he can just lick and he hoovers it up, and the price is great better than some other brands. This is a must for gravy loving cats
02/21/20 | Berni

Excellent For disguising liquid medication!

Please note this is just a supplement to normal food, but it has been invaluable to us as our elderly cat is on thyroid meds and is very awkward when it comes to getting them in him. This disguises the medicine perfectly!

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