Smell makes me feel sick!

These stink so badly it makes me gag. It’s like all the wet dogs in the neighbourhood have taken a wiz in my house. Cats not too fussed either, the kitten couldn’t care less and the older cat enjoyed a quick sniff, seemed to freak him out and then he got dozy. I gave them away as couldn’t stand the smell in my house.

05/09/22 | Judith Coop


The material is so thin on these Valerian pillows that the first time my cat got hold of it the material split and all the contents spilled out. Luckily I was there so she didn't eat any of the seeds they are full of. I wouldn't even give them 1*

03/04/22 | Ginette

Lillith LOVES these!

I didn't read the description and assumed the valerian would relax her.....no. Immediately out of the packet I put one in her bed and she went crazy mad for it!!! (Video on Instagram if you need proof lillithoflondon !)


Very Pungent

There is no way of putting this subtlety, Valerian stinks like Athletes Foot! But the Cats love them and it keeps them happy and relaxed, Just need to keep up with the air fresheners, cause to the Human nose, it's very unpleasant.

01/19/22 | Emma

Absolutely STINKS!!!!!!!

My cats absolutely LOVED this toy but it really, really, smells so bad. We only have a small flat so it has completely stank my whole flat out. I am not exaggerating when I say this!

01/01/22 | Lou Dunne

Best product EVER !

I have always bought these for my cats when I can afford to spoil them & they go completely cuckoo with them. They are chomping at the bit before I even get them out of the bag. They are totally spaced out when they have one each. Licking, sucking & biting them. One of my cats loves tossing them through the air with her mouth then repeating the process over & over. They are durable & long lasting so they withstand being bitten, sucked & chewed on. Yes, they reek but totally worth it.


Destroyed within 5 minutes

Don't even bother with these. My cat, who isn't normally fussed by catnip loved the sound and smell of these, but the cover is only a normal cotton, not hard wearing at all. Certainly not a great choice for sharp teeth and claws. One split down the middle and the other got a big hole in the corner. Within 5 minutes both bags had torn and spilling contents (unusable). What a waste. Can't upload photos for some reason.

12/17/21 | Jamie

Amazing, although they do smell !

As with almost all valerian toys, these smell extremely strong, a bit like sweaty socks, but my kitten adores valerian so I don’t mind dealing with it when she plays, she LOVES these !!! she bites, kicks and rubs her face all over them !! 100% recommend, so cheap yet such high quality and so entertaining

12/02/21 | Jenny

Cats love it

They get all playfull


Bad smell

They went straight in the bin they smell terrible

10/05/21 | Lisa Dunne

My cats love them

So bought these pullows for my 3 cats as they love catnip. The box arrived with them and other products ordered. All 3 cats smelling box, i opened them up and WOW there strong smaelling! My cats went mad and mean mad rolling,kicking,rubbing faces all over them. Even now 4 weeks later the smell os strong and they go mad still. What i like is there very well made as theyve not broken yet. And normally my oldest cat hes 6kg demolishes anything with catnip in but still in tact even tho hes biting it


They love it!

I bought some of these a while back, having grown tired of various cats wrecking the valerian in my garden. My four loved the pouches. Then the neighbours' cats started coming in to play with them. I've ordered more which I can share with the neighbours. After a few months, the pouches do benefit from a top-up of liquid valerian.

04/15/21 | Maria

Not working

My kittens coudn't care less about this toy. Not for the smell, nor for the noise. Not too expensive but still a bit disappointing.

02/08/21 | Kirsty


Cats LOVED these! All three of them

01/02/21 | Evangelia Argentou

Not a nice smell

They looked really cute but my kitten didn't go for them. I smelled them myself and the smell is horrible it's something between cheese brine and sweat, so I can't blame her.


Awfully smelly

These little pillows look really cute. Unfortunately, they smell very peculiar. A little like sweaty shoes-not at all pleasant! I have 3 cats and all looked at me with complete disdain when they received their new gift. They will sadly be put in the bin.

11/01/20 | Jess

Bubbles approves

Bought these as a bit of extra stimulation for my 15 yo indoor tigeress. She loves cat nip but I wanted something that didn’t get her over the moon excited. These little pillows seem well made and given she’s snoozing either with her head right on it or with it between her paws I’d say she’s very happy with them. They do have a fairly potent smell which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For me it just reminds me of my Nan who used to take valerian drops at night...

10/25/20 | Izzy Wyatt

Does anyone else think these smell of vomit?

We are getting an rescue cat in a few days and in anticipation bought these a few weeks ago. Just opened the packaging and they smell disgusting - like vomit! Not sure whether it's because they've been stored in plastic for a few weeks, so have left them in the shed to see if the smell disappears. Obviously can't review on how a cat would take to them, but if the smell doesn't go I'll be throwing them away.


Bad quality

Lovely toy ,cats love it. But it was ripped in a few hours. Bad quality.

09/24/20 | Mark

My god they love it

Both my kitties have gone absolutely nuts over these valerian pillows more so than the standard catnip my god I think these r the best things I've ever got them I don't think I'll go bk to standard catnip as they love these more