02/09/22 | Gavin

Not recommended

The feather is not long enough and my cat lost interest pretty quickly. So it just spins in the casing.

01/08/22 | Ana

The best!!!

My cat is obsessed with this toy. He pulled the feather out on the first day, but I just replaced with with another one of his small plush toys. Amazing toy for an amazing price!

01/07/22 | Porsha


This is a good toy... once you find the button to turn on. Nosed on reviews to see if it got mentioned and it did. The button is on side. As mentioned the feathers go FAST, took tips from other reviews to slow down feathers. I put some treats inside and they flew out. My cat enjoys this toy and that's what counts

12/28/21 | Brigette

Doesn’t work

Does not work

12/22/21 | Ismay

Broke after 3 uses

Shame as she really enjoyed it

12/14/21 | Pamela Pope


Trixie feather toy arrived not working very disappointing


Not safe for large cats

I have an 8kg Bengal, this toy took all the skin off his carpal pads on both feet. The holes are too small for large cats

10/07/21 | JadeL

Good for a couple of plays

My 8.5 months old kitten played with it for a few times then got bored. All he did was try to put his paws in to catch the feather but it moves too fast, so he got bored. It still works but he just doesn’t play with it now….so like all his toys, it’s just lying around.

09/10/21 | Hannah

TV for cats

My two ten month old kittens love this and will sit and bat the feather for ages. For extra fun you can put toys in the holes to slow the feather down a bit and make the toys jump about.

08/12/21 | Debs Pursey

Need replacement feathers

Cats all love it, especially Ragnar who is quite destructive and has destroyed the feathers. Replaced them with some I found at work (I work in a theatre) but he has destroyed them again. Not the toy's fault, just a very destructive kitty.

04/21/21 | Honeybee

Adapt it for best use

Once I stuffed things into it to stop the feather whizzing around so quickly, my cat loved it (scrunched up ball of tissue paper, little foil balls, toy birds). It means the feather stops and starts more often, rather than going around so quickly. Putting little treats inside really helps keep the interest going longer too.

02/04/21 | Sofia

Good for a months and then died

It was a fun toy for the first month and then it died. I thought the batteries had ran out but I was wrong. New battery set and it won’t come back on. Also it needs a screwdriver to change batteries which isn’t ideal or practical


Hidden button

It took 3 adults an hour to find the button on the side. Same colour as the toy and flush with the side so v hard to detect. Our cat played with this for ages so we’re rationing her for now


Too fast!

The feather moves way too fast, difficult for our cats to even see it. Also it's like a fan and they don't like air wafting at them. It should have different speed settings but this is a poorly designed piece of cheap.


Great toy but it doesn’t work properly

Our cats love this but it doesn’t stay on unless we keep pressing the button. We’ve tried two new sets of batteries but still have to keep pressing the button

08/13/20 | Marie Maloney

Cat loves it

Sorry about bad review before, I didnt see the button, thought it was broken.

08/13/20 | Marie Maloney


Tried two lots of new batteries, nothing it doesnt work very angry.

06/13/20 | Becky

Cat loves it!

Works just as described, the cats were crazy about it as soon as it came on. Seems to be durable as the feathers haven't fallen apart yet!

03/09/20 | Nick Hill

Doesn't work

Useless, batteries in, turn on, slight whirring sound then nothing. Doesn't work. Nice idea, complete rubbish.


Good at first then cats got bored

Our older cat & kitten both loved the first few times playing with it but they are bored of it now & don’t even approach it when we switch it on

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