01/08/22 | Ana

The best!!!

My cat is obsessed with this toy. He pulled the feather out on the first day, but I just replaced with with another one of his small plush toys. Amazing toy for an amazing price!
01/07/22 | Porsha


This is a good toy... once you find the button to turn on. Nosed on reviews to see if it got mentioned and it did. The button is on side. As mentioned the feathers go FAST, took tips from other reviews to slow down feathers. I put some treats inside and they flew out. My cat enjoys this toy and that's what counts
09/10/21 | Hannah

TV for cats

My two ten month old kittens love this and will sit and bat the feather for ages. For extra fun you can put toys in the holes to slow the feather down a bit and make the toys jump about.
08/13/20 | Marie Maloney

Cat loves it

Sorry about bad review before, I didnt see the button, thought it was broken.
06/13/20 | Becky

Cat loves it!

Works just as described, the cats were crazy about it as soon as it came on. Seems to be durable as the feathers haven't fallen apart yet!
02/12/20 | Gary

Trixie cat toy

This is great for any cat, well built easy to use and most of all it’s quiet. I turn it on and it entertains my car for 15 minuets
02/10/20 | Michelle

The first automated toy our kittens like

Our kittens have been occupied by this toy on and off day, it’s the most interest they’ve shown in any automated toy. It’s a pleasing shape and size.

Great Toy

Cats are going to love this Christmas present it will keep them amused for hours. Good value for money
11/21/19 | Tarzan

Tarzan approves

When i saw it first thought how small, but such nice thing my lazy cat so occupied with it. Very nice toy and most importantly quiet as I have tried many diff he doesnt like when toy makes rattling noises or so
09/15/19 | Claire Barker

Fabulous Toy

I foster cats and kittens and the kittens just love this game! It also seems to turn itself off after a while which is a big saving in batteries. I may have to buy another one.

great value

Our acts absolutely loved this, I put it away at night and they would come and paw at the cupboard in the morning for me to get it out. They have eventually got bored with it, but before that they played with it every day for a few months and were really excited by it at first.
03/23/19 | Debs Pursey

Best toy EVER

Turned it on last night and had to keep it on for an hour. Some intense concentration going on.
02/26/19 | Laurie Rutherford

They Love It

We have six cats who all have very different preferences with toys. This you is an absolute hit with them- to the point that one of our cats is now crying every time it switches off! The fact that the movements are random keeps them interested and alert. Highly recommend this toy
02/04/19 | Alison M


My cat has gone v fussy with his toys and has loads he hardly bothers with. When this arrived and I put it to go, he couldn’t take his eyes off it or leave it alone. He plays with it everyday and has at least 3 sessions with it of varying lengths. It has shocked me how into this he is.
11/30/18 | Jane

A great toy

We have 12 cats,and pretty much all of them LOVE this toy. It spins in a start-stop, clockwise-anticlockwise way,so they have to anticipate what's going to happen. Its alot of fun. It runs for 15 mins at a time, so they're always waiting for me to switch it back on! A bigger switch would be my only request as its hard to see, but i would definately recommend this toy.
04/26/18 | Lynne

Loved it!

The minute this was turned on my cat loved it! A lot of amusement for me watching her try to figure it out :)

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