11/21/20 | Lady Sapphire

Size is everything

This is well made an seems robust and easy to keep clean but it has one small flaw... We have a small cat. She loves the warmth of this when she has been 'shoe-horned' in but it is too small for her to go in forwards and turn around inside. It would only take little bit more material to make this usable. Make sure you have a cat that is expert at reversing or consign this to use by kittens or gerbils.


Suits kittens or very small cats

My cat loved how soft and warm this is, but when he tried to turn around and face outward there wasn't enough room. He tried a couple of times but turning around made him tumble over and he had to reverse out. He's only an average size cat, and small for a boy, so it should fit him really, but it's just too small. A wide bag with a wide opening would be better than this narrow long design. Great material though, we've kept it because he snoozes on top of it!