02/25/22 | Loren

Cat loves it

We have 2 cats, both 2.5 years old. One of them absolutely adores this toy. At first, they only liked the mouse, but one of them now plays with the cheese block too. He's a large norwegian forest cat, but isn't overly boisterous. Hes had it for several months and it has stood up to him playing with it daily. His sister also likes to steal the mouse part and run off with it. They did chew off the tail on the mouse but it has kept onto the stick so far! They don't have access to it overnight.

12/13/21 | Keri

Great low cost toy

My cats really like this and I was surprised as they are very fussy. The box is strong and a good size not too big or small, not sure how long the poll with the mouse will last but it's still going strong. With or without catnip my cats enjoy playing with it. Bargain of the year thus far.

11/24/21 | asfjdh

Quite good, mostly only the mouse gets played with

I've had this and the cat was only interested in the mouse, not the fur covered 'cheese' or what's inside the holes, inspite of my best efforts. I ended up taking out the stick and play with my cat like that as she really enjoyed the mouse. She's had mouse like this before in black and also white, they cheap to get from like Amazon or Ebay as they not big toys but cats seem to love them for some reason. Be careful with the eyes on the mouse as it comes off easily and the cat can swallow it.


Broke on day one

My cats loved this toy but the elastic snapped the first day they used it. I wouldn't recommend this for adult cats as it is just not strong enough.

12/05/20 | Rogue Sunshine

Both cats uninterested

Neither cat liked this and a popped some of their favourite valerian pillows inside. Well made just not for us

12/02/20 | Olivia


Got this for my kitten following her spay so she wouldn’t run around too much. Within 30minutes of giving it to her on the day of her surgery she managed to BREAK AND INGEST 7INCHES OF ELASTIC requiring emergency vets and really expensive vet bills! Don’t get this, it’s very cheap and dangerous! Luckily my kitten was ok but it’s still extremely dangerous!


Cheap and came broken

Very cheap looking toy, one of tbe balls is already broken and the piece to hold the pole

09/11/20 | Adam

Would love a pack of those mice.

The mouse dangler quickly became the best toy in the house. All the cats want to play with it. The old cat suddenly has the energy of a kitten. And even my half blind lazy puddle of a cat comes running when it's out, she has a hard time following most danglers (even ones with a bell) but seems to find this one a bit easier. The stick probably isn't going to last all that long. I'm sure that can be replaced. But if a pack of spare came out that would be fantastic. The cheese is fine.

06/26/20 | Kamila

The mouse dangler brake after 2 hours

My kitten love it so much, but the mouse dangle is really cheap quality. It takes her only to hours to get the mouse ....and that is only 2 months old kitten.. I didn't see any option to buy replacement for that ...

07/02/19 | Andrea

Cheap quality, mouse came right off

My cat enjoyed playing with this for about 2 hours and then the mouse snapped off. The toy is small and badly made.

06/25/19 | Anne Wren

Good toy spoilt by cheap materials

My cats loved it but immediately the covering material started shedding. I noticed yellow fluff over the carpet so I checked my cats mouths & sure enough they had yellow fluff in their mouths. In less than one hour the tube inserted in the cheese to support the mouse had come away inside the box & when I examined it, it had been stuck to the cardboard base with just a small blob of glue. Delivered yesterday & all that has been kept are the two balls that were inside the cheese.

06/15/19 | Rachel

Fantastic value

Fantastic value product, holes are challenging enough for little and big paws. Add in some kibble treats and you have a cat that goes wild, keeping them entertained for ages.


The mouse is the best bit

Our female cat absolutely loves the mouse on the string/stick, but is not interested in the cheese corner. Is it possible to just buy the mouse on its own? She adores it & will bring the mouse to us to throw & dangle. I think she loves it so much because it is very lightweight & she can carry it in mouth easily & the bell adds an extra element when she is playing on her own. We have already bought 3/4 of these because she loves them so much, but they sometimes don’t last very long.


Very good product

My cat is very happy with it.

03/14/18 | Beatrix

It's alright

My cat only plays with the mouse, she already destroyed it :D can I buy that separately somewhere? :D The toy itself it's alright for it's price, probably the cats who like other cat toys will love it, but my cat it's weird and she barely accepts any new toys :)

10/23/17 | Michela

Great idea but lacks practical design

My kittens do enjoy this toy however there are a few issues with the toy itself....firstly it's extremely light and my kittens have no trouble tipping it over,would be better if it had some kind of weight in it to stop this happening. Secondly the mouse dangly toy comes out which means I've had to remove it completely as it's not safe for them to be left alone with....I feel as though I'm missing half of the toy now!

08/23/17 | Clare

Brilliant fun

My four month old kitten, Misty, loves this. The mouse keeps her entertained for hours ... let alone the balls inside. We keep this away when we are around and let her have it when we are out at work ... it definitely keeps her occupied and active. The mouse wand does come out, but then she carries the mouse in her mouth and plays with it on the floor. Again, a great product.

08/08/17 | Samantha

A bit hit and miss!

My youngest loves these kinds of toys with balls inside them, as well as mice and pole toys. So when I saw this I thought that I'd give it a go. He hasn't played with the balls at all. However, he does like to sit on the cheese and he does like to play with the mouse, both with it attached to the cheese and without. The quality isn't great so I can imagine it won't last that long ( i've had it 2½ months so far) but overall he does enjoy it and it didn't cost that much to begin with.

07/31/17 | Michelle

Excellent for hiding treats

I have 2 indoor Ragdoll cats that need a lot of stimulation, so I purchased a cheese corner to hide some of their treats. They absolutely love it! The only problem that I found was that it slides across my wooden flooring when they are trying to get to the treats. It was easily resolved with a door mat underneath, although they do still manage to drag the cheese corner across the tool or flip it over.

03/01/17 | Bee

Terrible quality

Packed well but broke in half an hour and we had to de glue the bottom before the kittens could have it,they managed to get the mouse from the elastic I tied it back on only for them to take it from another part and brake it. Would not recommend it's terrible and a waste of money!

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