04/23/21 | Joanna

Great as an additional scoop for FINE litter

My cat uses Canada fine litter. I first use a sturdier scoop to pick up larger pieces and then this one to clean up any smaller pieces. This makes the litter clean for much longer. It is rather flimsy but that's to be expected for the price. USE ONLY FOR FINE LITTER

05/03/20 | Libby


I use the Catit scoop first which is robust with a larger grid then go through the litter a second time with this more lightweight fine scoop to get the smallest clumps to finish. Doing this keeps the litter odour free for longer.

12/24/19 | Diana Redmayne

Excellent for using with World’s Best litter

The Ultra Litter Scoop has smaller gaps so makes it excellent for sifting. The unused granules go back into the litter tray.

06/08/18 | Tabbycat

Fine mesh

I like the fine mesh, no fine litter slips through. I had to search, as most littler scoops are wide meshed. I have ordered two.

05/31/17 | Sophie

Does a great job

I volunteer at a cat rescue and I scoop a *lot* of litter. We have a motley assortment of scoops for the different rooms, and I'd have to say this is my favourite and it's the one I have at home. It doesn't break the pee clumps up, which is my personal bug bear. I've been using Sanicat Zen at home, and it works great with this - I'll be switching to Super Benek soon (I wanted something biodegradable), so fingers crossed it's just as good with that one.

01/30/17 | Abi

Great for All Litter Types

So far I have used this item for clumping, crystal, clay and non clumping litter and am very happy with the results. It catches the smallest pieces of soiled litter but is also big enough to make scooping large clumps out easier than with other scoops I have tried. It is also wipe clean so doesn't end up with stray pieces of litter stuck to it

01/20/16 | MiloBengalKitty

Works fab with fine clumping cat litter

I bought this scoop as the one provided with the Modkat wasn't suitable for the Tigerino Clumping Cat Litter that I am using for my Bengal Boy. This scoop has been an absolute life saver! Would highly recommend it when using fine cat litter as it traps the smallest bits of soiled litter. It isn't the most robust of scoops I have seen but for the price what do you expect? It does the job it is intended for and that's all that matters to me.

11/06/15 | Dee Lyons

good scoop

Good scoop with very small gaps, just don't make the mistake I did and order it with a heavy food order - I ordered 2 with a 20kg cat food order and 1 arrived split- pointless returning and getting refund/ replacement as it would cost more than scoop cost to return, and to get your postage costs refunded you have to email proof of posting, more hassle than I could be bothered with. . . .

05/11/15 | Kirsty

Fine mesh scoop at last

I've been wanting a fine mesh scoop for ages and now I have one. Great value for money and works perfectly with the fine granules in Worlds Best cat litter.


Excellent - if you know how to use it!

Lets get this straight from the off. This scoop is no good for larger grained litter . It's only really useable with a very fine litter. Try and clean the whole tray using it, and you could be making more work for yourself. The holes are tiny, so it takes a while for stuff to filter through, however, this scoop will prove to be a very worthwhile addition! I promise you that. I have 15 litter trays that I clean every day, so do have more experience than most. The best way to deal with your litter tray is as follows... Use a standard scoop to take out the large lumps of 'nastiness'. This is quick and easy, as scoops with larger holes will sieve quicker. Take care doing it - every time you bash a lump and bits break off, they will stay in your tray making it smell... Once you've removed the large lumps, shake the tray, so the smallest chunks rise to the top. these are bits that have broken off the larger chunks as you've cleaned the tray/your cat has dug around. Use this scoop to remove those bits. It will keep your tray fresher for longer, and keep your costs down as you won't be constantly replacing the whole tray contents.

09/20/14 | Deborah

Great fine litter scoop!

I use Professional Classic litter which has a fine granule, and have found the ideal solution is to use Trixie clumping litter scoop for the larger 'bits'together with this scoop every day or so to fish out the smaller pieces of used litter. At only 99p each its hardly extravagant and keeps the tray very clean.I think this scoop alone would have too fine holes but it is great in tandem with the other Trixie scoop. Both have about 6inch handles and seem sturdy to use.

04/07/13 | KSG

Essential for CLAY based clumping litter

If you use the clay litter like Tigerino Canada, then you need one of these fine mesh scoops. It's able to remove all traces of used litter leaving your tray completely clean, and saving you money as you'll rarely need to do a complete litter change. I feel like I'm playing in a sand pit when i clean out the litter trays using this scoop.You scoop some up and shake, like sifting flour.

03/08/13 | R Beckhurst

Best product ever !

First of all this is simply the best money i have ever spent! I have been using a useless scoop for far to long and everything drops through but i bought this because i use extremely fine cat litter (classy cat or tigerino) and this catches everything but the clean. it's perfect however wouldn't recommend for a chunky litter.

12/07/12 | Lorraine King

The best scoop ever!

I have tried for years to replace an old metal scoop that worked really well. I have since bought half a dozen or more ranging in price but always went back to the old one. However, my new scoop is the bees knees!. It picks all the dirty litter up even the fine stuff. Brilliant value a must have for kitty owners!

01/13/10 | Susan

Very good

This is the best litter scooop ever. Its handy easy to clean and leaves nothing unwantet leftofers in the litter box. and at the price it does not matter if it breaks before you need to chance it anyway but dont step on it or spank the walls with it ;D its supose to be used in the litterbox for removing stuff from the cats. not anything else. Use it with care and you shall have wonder litter scoop for a looong time i have 4 and they are over 1 year old. need to re-new them now anyway as they dont last forever just like our own toilet stuff ;D