09/07/21 | Adele


This litter is the best. Absorbs odour very well, clumps perfectly and stays overall cleaner as the grains get clumped together well. Very happy with this finding!

04/06/21 | Vanessa G

Cat will actually use this one...

This has very fine grains which are the preference of our picky cat, so he seems to like this one, versus others we where he wouldn't even put his feet on the surface. From our perspective as tray-cleaning slaves, the litter forms very firm clumps almost instantly, which are easy to lift from the remaining litter, so this works out very economically in the long run and is easier to keep clean for longer than other types. Only lightly scented, so doesn't deter the cat from using. Will buy more!

09/07/20 | Kathryn

Alternative to Mediterranean Sanicat

Bought this because the usual sanicat was out of stock. The cheaper sanicat litter just doesn’t work but this stuff is brilliant for clumping. Cat was a little unsure of the scented litter at first but seems to be happier with it in a short space of time. No faults.

08/19/20 | Alison Shipley

As effective as other ultra clumping but eco friendlier packaging

Effective clumper, terrific smell that lasts. A little dustier than other ultra clumpers i buy. Great packaging, easy to store and handle. Packaging is recyclable so better than plastic bagged litters.Cats really like it!